Alarms have been around for years now, so it’s no surprise many households and businesses still have the same system they installed years ago. This year’s National Home Security Month emphasised just how important alarms still are to the security of a property, with 81% of burglars admitting that an alarm is enough of a deterrent for them to stop what they’re doing or target a different home.

But when should you upgrade your alarm system?

Is it time to replace your alarm system? Find out more about smart home alarm systems, old faulty alarms & expanding your coverage to include garden security measures. Arrange a free consultation with a security expert.Your Alarm System Is Faulty

If your alarm system is old and was installed years ago, you may be experiencing faults which cause it not to work properly. Perhaps the sensors aren’t functioning, or it’s not activating as it should. You may think your old alarm system is working well, but in reality, the coverage isn’t that strong any more. If you’ve had the same alarm system for a while, ask a security professional to perform a maintenance check on it to see what’s really happening and if it’s still providing good coverage throughout your property. If there are any faults, they may be able to change parts, but it could also be time to consider an upgrade.

Your Alarms No Longer Fit Your Needs

With technology advancing every year, home alarm systems have become a lot more sophisticated. Alarms used to be something you activated whenever you left home, but now you can set defined areas, monitoring designated areas while still in the house. A popular option is to activate sensors on lower floors at night, giving you peace of mind as you sleep that you’ll be alerted if anyone enters your home. Smart alarm systems are also a must-have when it comes to home security. They provide you with remote control over your system from a mobile app you can access from anywhere in the world, sending an instant alert should your alarm trigger. Not only that but modern alarm systems have become more affordable and accessible, opening up the opportunity for homeowners to upgrade to a system that better suits their needs.

You Want Better Coverage

Sometimes, you’re happy with the system you have, but you now want more coverage throughout your property. Garden security measures have risen in recent times, especially with many homeowners using areas such as garages and sheds to store valuable tools and equipment. Thieves are aware of this, and we’re seeing more and more incidences of garden break-ins. Therefore, you may want to upgrade your alarm package to provide extra security for these areas of the home.

Want to Upgrade Your Alarms?

Here at Angel Security, we offer a wide range of security solutions to both homeowners and businesses, including high quality alarm systems. We also perform maintenance, checking and testing all detectors to ensure you have the coverage you want and can recommend upgrades if you need them. Covering Surrey and London locations, we upgrade alarm systems in Ashtead, Woking and Richmond upon Thames. Get in touch with our accredited security professionals now on 0800 999 7177 to arrange your free, no obligation consultation and quote.