Traditional home security systems often involved wiring alarms and cameras into the property, and while this type of system still exists, wireless security is now the product of choice for many households. Alongside this, as smart technology has worked its way into every aspect of our lives, the creation of security system apps for our smartphones and tablets has changed the way we manage our home security. Here’s some insight into the enhanced control these apps are giving users.

Expert security guide for how apps are changing the face of home security. Find out more about control over alarm sensors, automatic notifications, event logs, remote management & integration with CCTV camera technology.Control over Sensors

Apps have made it easier than ever to control individual sensors in rooms and across floors. While traditional systems used to be something you turned on when leaving the house, you can now isolate specific zones while in the property. For example, many now use their security app to turn on the alarms on the ground floor once they’re safely tucked up in bed. If your alarms are triggered, you’ll also be able to see which sensors are affected.

Remote Management

Apps are helping us to check-in on our homes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It’s eliminated that panic we all get when we suddenly can’t remember if we set our alarm as we left home. You can activate and deactivate your alarm directly from your app. You’ll also be able to see your alarm’s history which is great if you’re checking whether the kids have made it back from school okay or when the cleaner came and left. Each app provides an event log with accurate times so that you can monitor the system’s activity.


When traditional alarm systems were triggered, you often wouldn’t be aware until you got home or received a call if linked to a security company. Now, apps allow you to receive automated notifications relating to your alarms. This could be alerts informing you of possible unauthorised access, that your sensors have been disarmed or even that your system has suffered a fault. The latter gives you greater control over your alarm maintenance, helping you to get any issues sorted as quickly as possible, rather than remaining unaware that your system isn’t working as it should.

Integration with Camera Technology

While many people choose separate CCTV and alarm systems, it’s also possible to install alarms with inbuilt cameras. This means that if the motion sensors are triggered while the system is on, your app will automatically give you a view of what’s happening in the location where the sensor has been activated. This can also prevent false alarms if you receive an alert that your alarm is sounding at your property. For example, someone else in your household may have just forgotten to disarm the system when they came home.

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