While you should secure your home all year round, there are certain times of the year when your property and belongings may be more vulnerable. While many assume summer is a time when a large number of thefts happen, especially from sheds and garages, one of the worst times of the year for break-ins is the week spanning over Halloween and Bonfire Night. According to National Home Security Month, burglaries and domestic damage skyrocket by 160% during this period. Luckily, we’ve got some expert security advice to help keep your home safe and secure.

Home security experts - protect your home on Halloween & Bonfire Night

Remember the Basics

There’s something about this time of year which makes people forget some security basics, which is why burglars target homes during Halloween and Fireworks Night. Locking all windows and doors is one of the main things property owners forget to do, especially if you’re in a rush to leave, or if you’re just popping out with the kids for trick-or-treating. Even if you’re putting on your own display or watching fireworks from your garden, make sure someone can’t slip into your home unnoticed, especially as the noise means you won’t hear intruders easily.

Look Like You’re At Home

If you’re heading out, it’s okay to make your home look a little more occupied, so any would-be intruders think someone is home. Actions to take include leaving a light on (which is visible from the street) and turning on outside lighting too, illuminating the areas where people could hide out of sight.

Turn on Security Alarms

If you’re only heading out for an hour or so, it can be tempting not to bother turning on your home alarm system, but this is another mistake many people make. This is the worst time of the year for burglaries because criminals know the times when people will be out, so use every home security product you have.

Hide Your Keys

Another basic error, but people also leave their keys close to their front door letterbox in their hallway. Criminals can now easily use fishing techniques to grab them and let themselves in. As well as keeping your keys elsewhere, you could also invest in a letter plate restrictor, which prevents unnecessary extending of the opening. This helps to stop people looking through your letterbox and makes lock manipulation and key fishing much harder.

Protect Your Belongings at Events

You may have ensured your home is secure, but you should also keep any belongings you have on you safe too. Keep your bag zipped up and held tightly to you with the strap across your chest as in crowds, someone may be able to slip inside it without you noticing. Leave anything at home which you don’t need, out of view from windows. If you’re driving to an event, make sure any possessions left in your car are kept out of sight too.

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