There are plenty of security features we know make your home more secure, from modern alarm systems to security apps on smartphones. However, have you ever thought about how your garden can play a pivotal role in keeping your property safe? Here are a few of the garden features to consider to enhance your home security. This also applies to any businesses who have outdoor areas around smaller properties.

Here are some of the best garden features to enhance your home security. Expert security guide. Front & back garden boundaries, garden security, shed security, gates & more. Ask for a free consultation in Surrey or London.

Driveways & Paths

Use your driveway or paths to protect your home by choosing gravel as a surface layer. This makes it harder for anyone to approach your property without making a noise. Make sure these areas are well lit at night if possible so that an intruder can’t hide, helping you feel safer if you’re coming and going in the dark.

Front Gardens

We often see from commercial properties with extensive fences and barriers, just how much it can enhance the security of a building. However, when considering front gardens at domestic properties, did you know lower boundaries can actually help to keep homes safer? Surrey Police have stated that low walls and hedges at the front of houses mean burglars have nowhere to hide. It also helps others in your neighbourhood to spot if someone is trying to break into your property.

Back Gardens

Unfortunately, back gardens are usually a more private area for intruders to gain access to your property from within, so keeping this area secure is a must. If you have a side gate, always keep it locked with a robust padlock, and some people even like to leave something behind it like a large rock. However, be wary of where you place your wheelie bins as they may offer a way to climb over the gate.

With rear boundaries (such as hedges, fences and walls), it’s better to keep these as high as possible. If you’re growing anything up against trellis, spiky plants such as pyracantha make jumping over the wall less appealing too.


If you have a shed in your garden, think about how many valuable items you store here. Unfortunately, this type of break-in is becoming much more common, with burglars finding it easy to access these areas and steal equipment and tools which may be worth something, as well as items such as bicycles. Think about covering shed windows and buy a sturdy lock for the door. Ensure tools are locked away, and you can use chains for things like your bikes.

Outdoor Cameras & Alarms

Your garden is a great place to install visible CCTV, often acting as a further deterrent for anyone up to no good. You could also think about putting an alarmed lock on your gate and shed, letting burglars know that it could be triggered from the moment they try to tamper with it.

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