Businesses will always face threats to their security, whether it’s protecting their assets, data or people. Vandalism, theft and burglary are three of the most common types of crime committed to businesses, but there are some simple ways you can ensure your business security is up to scratch.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Security

Identify your security objectives

Some companies buy security products without considering what they’re trying to achieve with each installation. What are your main objectives? Is it to deter intruders when your building is left unattended after hours? Are you hoping to install CCTV which covers the entire perimeter of your property to see who’s coming in and out? Whatever your aims are, a security professional can help tailor both your package and set up to these aims.

Manage security well

Ensure your business has a designated individual who oversees the security measures you have in place. This should be a trustworthy, reliable person who’s responsible for anything from liaising with security companies to managing the various keyholders, rather than having disjointed security management.

Be aware of risks

Do you understand the security risks your business faces and when these may increase? For example, if you own a lot of expensive equipment, is this on display through windows which could be left open during the day in the summer months? Or perhaps your main building is well secured, but what about coverage for outbuildings, car parks or external areas which could get vandalised? There may also be specific security risks faced by companies in your sector, especially if you advertise when your business is closed. Pinpointing these can help you to educate everybody in your company about ways to stay safe and protect your business.

How can you deter criminals?

While there’s no magic wand to completely protect your business from crime, think about all the possible deterrents available and whether you’re using them effectively. You may have the legally required CCTV signs, for example, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have other signs to warn people your property is alarmed and monitored. Having visible security measures in place is important, and you could even use security lighting alongside these.

Don’t forget about security maintenance

It’s vital to have a regular maintenance plan in place, ensuring your security undergoes testing each year to confirm it’s still working as it should. Security maintenance can reduce false alarms, pick up any issues with the equipment as soon as possible and save costs further down the line. It’s also a great time to review your security in general, especially if your building or premises have undergone any changes or there’s new technology which could improve the way you keep your property secure. Ask your security company about available upgrades.

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