When it comes to business security, companies focus on protecting their building, but premises often cover a wider area around the property. Car park security is also important, especially as it’s sometimes easier to gain access to this area. Here are some of our top tips for ensuring your car park security is up to scratch.

1.      Risk assess the area

The two biggest risks when it comes to car park security for businesses is vehicle crime and the safety of those using the car park, such as staff and visitors. Therefore, a full risk assessment of your car park area is essential to working out the best security measures for the space you have. How secluded is the car park? Is there a way of blocking entry to unauthorised users? Use a security professional who can help you determine the risks faced.

2.      Review access

Think about the ways in which vehicles enter the car park. Many businesses install a barrier for private areas, or you may require a fob to unlock roller shutters if it’s a basement space being used for parking. This means only authorised individuals can access, and it can provide a record of the comings and goings from the area, i.e. who’s fob was used to get in and out. Some places even install an intercom system at this point, which links to a reception area or a security team. This is a great idea if your car park allows public access or you accept delivery drivers into this area for unloading.

3.      Use effective security lighting

Whether you’re a private business or in the public sector, security lighting can be a great deterrent when combined with other measures. Car parks can often be lonely spaces, especially if you have staff leaving after dark (a given in the winter months) which can make them feel vulnerable. It’s also easier for vandals and thieves to hide in the shadows undetected. High quality security lighting can make it harder to remain unseen and ensure staff feel safer and more able to protect themselves. Car parks are often susceptible to security blind spots, so you could help matters by thinking about pedestrian walkways which are well lit and covered by CCTV.

4.      Consider other outdoor security measures

Businesses often think about installing security products inside their buildings, but what about on the outside of your property too? CCTV cameras can be placed all around your premises, including entry points to deter anyone from entering illegally and provide evidence if a car is broken into. If your car park is in an enclosed space such as an underground car park, you could even install an alarm system which will sound if triggered between certain hours. This not only acts as a deterrent but could also be linked to a security company monitoring centre.

Want to review your business security?

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