One of the joys we have as a security expert is seeing the industry evolve, finding new ways to offer the most up to date security solutions for our customers. So, what changes can we expect in our home security this year? Here are some of the trends we’ll see in 2019.

What home security changes can we expect this year? Includes high quality HD cameras, improving remote security & even more wireless home security products. Discover all the latest trends from the security professionals.

This Year’s Top Home Security Trends

High Quality Cameras

We’ve all seen those grainy pictures on the news of CCTV footage, making us wonder how they can identify who’s committed the offence in question. When it comes to protecting your home, CCTV cameras have become so much more than just acting as a deterrent for criminals. With HD cameras now becoming more popular, we’ve seen how it’s opened up integration possibilities with other security products such as smart doorbells and two-way intercom systems. Much like homeowners vie for the best camera specifications on their phones, we’re going to keep seeing improvements in the picture quality produced by home CCTV.

Improved Remote Security

With so many of us using our smartphones for more than just making calls and sending texts, home security apps often come as part and parcel of security system upgrades. These allow users to take control of their property’s security conveniently from an app and remotely from anywhere in the world. As we look towards some of the changes to expect in 2019, we’ll see apps become even more sophisticated, with more live functions becoming available, improved motion detection and detailed records of the activities surrounding your home security. These features also have the benefit of things like seeing when your cleaner came and left, when your kids arrive home from school or where delivery drivers have left your packages. We’ll see a greater focus on automation, as well as increased user control.

Wireless Alarms & Security Systems

While most companies still offer both wired and wireless options, this year, we’re likely to find a shift towards wireless as the primary option when selecting your home security. In fact, we may see some companies only offer wireless options when it comes to securing residential properties. This provides homeowners with multiple benefits, including less intrusive, faster installations which won’t damage your interiors. It also opens up home security options for those who have previously been put off by their plans to move in the next few years or live in shorter-term dwellings, making it easier than ever to transfer your security system wherever you go.

Install the Latest Home Security Technology

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