Back in July, the Office for National Statistics released a report which indicated theft had increased by 13% between March 2017 and March 2019. This is a worrying trend which highlights how home security is just as important as ever. Every October, National Home Security Month (NHSM) takes place in the UK. It provides all the latest news and tips for how we can ensure our home security is up to scratch, so what’s new this year?

Home security news - The latest tips from NHSM 2019 | Angel Security

Tackling Home Security Myths

NHSM has highlighted the myths which could be catching out homeowners living in some areas of the UK. People often assume it’s mainly low-income areas which are targeted by burglars, meaning that some property owners are blasé about security measures, even when it comes to locking their doors. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Break-ins and theft can happen in any neighbourhood, wherever you live in the country.

The Main Entry Point for Burglars

NHSM point out that 74% of burglars enter properties through the front door, so consider making this spot in your home more secure. As well as ensuring you have high-quality Kitemark approved locks, you could also think about installing an alarm system which includes wireless shock detectors. These activate when the intruder is still outside your home, sensing if there’s any forcible movement (including drilling) against the door.

Community Spirit

One of the great things to come out of NHSM this year was an emphasis on how communities can work together towards stopping burglars in their tracks, whether it’s setting up a neighbourhood watch or installing security lighting around your property. They also highlight that the most effective deterrent against intruders is cameras. Even if it’s not your home which has been burgled, you may have caught them on camera walking past or checking out your property, so a higher presence of CCTV in the area can benefit everyone and deter burglars.

Smart Security Gadgets

Smart security gadgets have been changing the way we protect our homes, and the good news is, it’s working! NHSM reported statistics in which 89% of ex-burglars said that connected homes would act as a deterrent. Features such as an app on your smartphone allow you to connect to your security products whenever you want, even when not at home or your devices are triggered.

Autumn & Winter Security

We already know that Halloween and bonfire night security are of utmost importance thanks to a spike in burglaries during this time. NHSM has yet again emphasised the importance of home security in the darker months of the year, especially at times when burglars may know many people aren’t home, including the festive season. Remember to use all the home security products you have at your disposal, even if popping out for a short time only.

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