When looking at their business security, many companies focus on preventing break-ins, but of course, this isn’t the only crime which may affect you. As well as things like staff safety, you should also consider how offences such as vandalism could cause damage. This type of act is often done deliberately, either to punish the company itself or for an unconnected reason, like graffiti which expresses an opinion or shows off artistic skills.

However, for a small business, it can be highly inconvenient and stressful (not to mention costly) to rectify. The vandalism may even cause disruptions and money to clean up anything from graffiti to fixing a broken window. The way your premises look can have an influence on how clients and customers perceive your business, so it’s vital you act fast.

Here are some tips for small businesses about how to prevent vandalism at your property.

Business security essentials - Guide to prevent vandalism at your propertyDon’t Attract Vandals

Take a look at the environment around your property. Is there anything which could be attracting vandals? A clean, tidy and well-maintained area is something which discourages people from creating disorder, so deal with any vandalism straight away. If you have any properties which are currently empty, don’t let them become derelict and ensure you secure them properly.

Assess Your Security Features

Think about how to use security features both inside and outside your property. Visible, working security at multiple points on the outside of a building helps to discourage vandalism. This includes good security lighting, CCTV cameras and an alarm system. You could even consider toughened glass for your windows to increase their strength or metal shutters. Don’t forget about your car park security too.

Create Borders & Barriers

It’s harder to vandalise a property if there are obstacles in the way, so consider how you can use the space around your business to your advantage. This includes adding shrubbery and hedges (especially those with prickly leaves), fences and locked gates. You could even use anti-climb paint for areas vandals may climb over.

Work with Police, Security Companies & Other Businesses

Something which often allows criminals and offenders to prosper is the lack of reporting. Even if you feel there’s zero point in putting in a police report (which can usually be done online), it’s important that you do this. Not only is it necessary if you need to make an insurance claim but on a broader scale, it helps build up a full picture of what’s happening in the area. Talk to your local security companies about how they can help, as well as other businesses in the area who may be experiencing the same issues with vandalism. It’s then easier to put a plan together to stop this from happening, dealing with any issues swiftly rather than allowing them to worsen.

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