While every household or business has differing needs, the aim of any security package is usually the same – protecting the property from anyone trying to gain unauthorised access. While the same can be said for public sector organisations, they’ll often have other specific requirements which need to be met when choosing the right security measures for their buildings. Here are a few points to consider.

Public sector security guides - how to choose the right security solutionsVulnerable People

Many types of public sector organisations care or look after vulnerable people, whether that’s the sick or elderly in a hospital or nursing home, or a school where children are under the care of teachers. This means creating two-way security systems which don’t just stop people leaving the building unsupervised but allow greater control over who is entering the premises, protecting those who are being looked after. Several security measures can help with this, including CCTV and intercoms which can be used together to communicate with anyone trying to enter the building.


Robust security is sometimes required if there are privacy issues. In hospitals and nursing homes, for example, there can be times when it isn’t appropriate for visitors to enter. Many public sector buildings also house sensitive information which comes under data protection laws such as in schools and healthcare facilities. From alarm systems to security doors, it’s important to maintain privacy wherever appropriate.

Staff Needs

Staff needs should also be considered when selecting the right security measures, especially if it can help them do their jobs more easily. This is often seen in the case of public sector intercom systems which can integrate with PA systems and be used to enhance communication between departments. Other measures such as security barriers can help keep staff car parks separate from public ones. Lighting and CCTV can also be used to help staff feel safer who may be completing shift work and entering isolated car parks in the dark.

Securing Assets & Valuables

It’s not just people that public sector buildings must protect but valuable items too. Monitoring who’s coming in and out of the building is essential if visitors could gain access to areas where there is high-value equipment or even other people’s possessions present. That’s why many places will require you to sign in at a reception desk, and you may be given a pass which will record the parts of the building you’re entering. For properties which lock at night and are unattended such as libraries, council buildings and schools, a high-quality alarm system which alerts the police or a security company if triggered may also be suitable.

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