For those businesses who operate an open door policy, it essentially means they’re happy to invite anyone through their doors during opening hours, but this sometimes isn’t appropriate when you need to protect assets, staff and vulnerable members of the public. Intercom systems for the public sector are an essential security solution, not only providing a safer environment, but helping workers to do their jobs more efficiently.

So, why are intercoms so crucial to the public sector?

Intercom security systems for the public sector: your ultimate guideKeeping Out Uninvited Visitors

One of the primary uses for intercoms is to ensure everyone on the premises has a right to be there, either via video identification or a 2-way audio system. This is vital if there are people under your care such as in hospitals and schools. By connecting intercom points throughout the building, you can secure any areas which visitors will need permission to enter if not an authorised member of staff. You can even install an intercom at the front of the building in premises which don’t have a reception desk service or at the car park barrier to keep out unauthorised vehicles. Most intercom systems will be connected to an electronic locking system, meaning you can grant access at the touch of a button.

Protecting Your Assets

Expensive equipment and valuables may need protecting, whether it’s staff belongings, IT assets or money. Not only that but sensitive data may be on display during working hours, and in places such as hospitals and surgeries, there may be medicine cabinets which should be kept secure. Intercoms and controlled door entry systems ensure nobody can simply walk into your premises and take anything without first being let into secure areas, creating an extra barrier for protecting any assets.

Using Video Intercom Systems

Intercoms have great compatibility with video entry systems which are fast becoming the most popular choice for this type of system. It’s more accurate to visually identify people than listening to just their voice, helping to determine they are who they say they are before you let them into a part of the building. Having security cameras installed can give you a clear shot of precisely who’s at the door and also check if anybody else is with them.

Clear Communication

It’s not just security that intercom systems enhance. They can also help public sector workers to communicate quickly and effectively between floors and offices which creates an internal communication system to help increase productivity. Operating on the same network, intercoms achieve a seamless solution across a variety of environments from council offices and HMOs to care homes and wards. It’s also possible to integrate intercoms with internal PA systems which is helpful in emergency situations and with the communication of vital information to staff members, visitors and the public. Intercoms are also a great way to save time, directing visitors to the correct place and easily greeting guests after entry.

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