Your car is often one of your most valuable possessions, so to have anyone steal or vandalise your vehicle can be incredibly stressful. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best security tips for car owners.

Car & home security experts - How to keep your vehicle safe & secure1.      Never leave valuables on display

It’s not just car theft which is a problem when it comes to leaving your vehicle unattended. Criminals often want items inside your car too, so be careful about what you leave behind (especially on display), even when parked at home. This includes mobiles, shopping, bags, coats and gifts. If you have a removable satnav, ensure there’s no signs of it being elsewhere in the vehicle (such as the glove compartment), including support cradles or suction pads on the windscreen.

2.      Don’t advertise when you’re not around

Be careful about what you advertise on social media when going on holiday, especially if you’re leaving your car at home. So many people make the mistake of announcing they will be away for a few days or posting photographs, especially in the summer or at Christmas. There are also certain times of the year when burglars know many people will be out, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, so make sure you secure everything before you go.

3.      Got CCTV? Don’t forget about your driveway

Many people now install CCTV systems around their home, especially with the rise of smart doorbells. However, don’t forget about coverage for vulnerable areas too, including your driveway where your car may be kept most of the time. CCTV can act as a deterrent for thieves who know they may be watched or caught on camera. Remember to keep an eye out for your neighbours too, especially if they’re away. Many people also join a Neighbourhood Watch group to get regular email updates about what’s happening in their area.

4.      Remain vigilant when locking your garage

Even if your car is kept in a garage, remember to secure this extra line of defence. Shed and garage security are two of the areas which property owners often forget about. However, you can deter burglars with simple actions such as locks and padlocks, alarms, motion sensor security lights, camera coverage and locking away valuable items if there’s easy access to them, including within your carport. Think about installing a car alarm if you don’t already have one. You can also mark valuables with a UV pen and have your registration etched onto glass surfaces in your vehicle.

5.      Be picky when parking elsewhere

Many people lock up their car at night but in the rush to find a parking space when out and about, forget some of the basics. Park in a well-lit area so that any activity around your car can be easily spotted. Consider additional security measures, such as steering locks, gear locks, lockable fuel caps, anti-number plate screws and locking wheel nuts. Even if you’re only leaving your car for a few seconds, such as popping into a petrol station or posting a letter, always remove keys from the ignition and lock every part of your vehicle from the windows and doors to the sunroof.

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