Traditional intruder alarms were merely motion detectors which knew if someone was moving inside any of your rooms while you were out, sounding a high pitched alarm. Now, home security products are more advanced than ever, interacting with each other and providing more functionality for homeowners. You can even use them to secure your property while you’re still in the house, i.e. ensuring lower floors are covered when you’re asleep at night upstairs. The increased number of features available means alarm systems can be used in a variety of ways to manage your home security.

Home security expert: Guide to the extended features of intruder alarmsFobs & Panic Buttons

Modern security alarms will still have a main control panel just as traditional alarms did, which your security company will use for system maintenance. You’ll also have a code to turn the system on and off. However, most people also like to use fobs to control their alarms or even a home security app on their phone. Fobs are a convenient way to have a button on you at all times to control the alarm. When you arrive home, you don’t need to run to the panel to turn it off. Just press the unlock button as you reach your front door. You could even set the alarm once you’ve got inside your car.

You can also use your security fob as a panic button. This means if you’re at home, and you want to trigger the alarm to sound, there will be buttons you can hold down to make this happen. This is useful if you think there may be an intruder trying to enter while you’re still in the house.

Shock Detectors

While motion detectors and door contacts are still a key part of any home alarm system, another device you may like to consider is wireless shock detectors. Rather than focusing on movement, these products will detect if someone is trying to forcibly break their way into your property even if the intruder is still outside. They can be attached to windows and doors, detecting if anyone is trying to smash, drill, kick or use tools to gain unauthorised access. It may help to scare them off before they’ve gained entry.

Access Monitoring

Another use for home alarm systems is to monitor who’s coming in and out of your home, including those you expect to be there. Each fob you allocate will have a specific identifier, so you can see who has set and disabled the system. You’ll be able to view this clearly on your mobile app, where the history is logged. It’s a great way to see when the kids are arriving home from school or when your cleaner comes and goes.

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