Social media and home security have been hot topics in the news recently. Back in December, TV personality Tamara Ecclestone hit the headlines when thieves reportedly stole £50million worth of jewellery from her home in Kensington. Detectives on the case are looking at whether the criminals involved had spotted she was on holiday thanks to her posts online. Only a few hours before, she had uploaded a picture of her daughter boarding a plane to Lapland as they jetted off on their festive holidays. While it may just be a coincidence, it’s a stark reminder about what we’re advertising when we share images of our lives.

If you want to avoid your social media putting your home security at risk, here are some of our top tips to follow.

Property security guides - Is social media putting home security at risk?

Holidays & Home Security – Be Mindful of Real-Time Social Media Posts

We all know when you go on holiday, it can be a time of excitement, and many people want to share their travels on their social media, whether it’s a photograph on Instagram or a check-in on Facebook. However, think carefully about what this tells anyone who can view or share your posts online. Do you really want to show ‘my house is empty with nobody home!’ if you’re advertising the fact you’re travelling elsewhere? This doesn’t mean you have to stop posting. However, think about doing so after the event instead of real-time. You can share the amazing photographs of your holiday once you’re back.

Be Picky when Posting Photos of Your Home

We’ve talked before about protecting your home at Christmas with actions like hiding packaging for expensive items at the bottom of your bins. However, many people will also post online about gifts they’ve received. Think of your social media as a window to your home. Would you want a burglar to be able to look through and see the layout of your home and garden, the possessions available to steal or details about your latest vehicle (follow our security tips for car owners)? If you’re posting images which have been taken inside your property, consider what information this sends outs. Take a look at your privacy settings and check who can see your photos and status updates.

Business Security & Social Media

We often think of social media posts putting home security at risk, but it’s also something you should consider if you’re a business. It’s a good discussion to have with your staff, giving them information about what they should and shouldn’t post online. This includes advertising office closures, whole staff outings such as Christmas lunches (especially if you’re a small firm) and pictures of the inside of your business premises. Many companies also have their own social media pages to connect with customers, so think about having a policy about what can and can’t be posted here to protect office security.

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