As we race towards that time of year again, we’re starting to do our Christmas shopping, make plans and look forward to some quality time with family over the festive period. However, this time of year is one of those when burglars and opportunistic thieves are in their element. Don’t let a lack of security ruin what’s otherwise such an enjoyable time of year.

Follow our top tips to protecting your home and business this December, making sure it’s only Father Christmas who can get inside your property.

Christmas security essentials - top tips to keep your home & business safe

Hiding Presents

At this time of year, burglars know houses across the UK will be full of expensive products and the latest gadgets and toys. Therefore, remember your home security basics and don’t leave valuable items in view of anyone who may be looking in from the outside. You should also consider whether placing presents under the tree before Christmas day is such a good idea when it means burglars know precisely where to grab them from. Instead, hide gifts away under beds and in cupboards. If waiting for parcels to arrive during December, never leave a note for the delivery driver about where to put them – send instructions to the company beforehand.

Advertising an Empty Home

We’ve said many times before about how promoting the fact you’re not at home on social media can leave your property vulnerable to break-ins. If you’re not at home, avoid putting up photos online until after the event. Other than alarms and CCTV, another home security measures when leaving your property unoccupied over the festive season include timed lights to ensure your home looks active or asking a neighbour to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Other Home Security Hints & Tips

Other advice we give this season is to ensure any outside decorations don’t compromise how secure your home is. We’ve seen outdoor lights plugged in through slightly open windows before, leaving those properties vulnerable to opportunistic burglars who easily spot this free entry point. You should also remember about correct disposal of your packaging if you’ve received anything valuable, covering wrapping and boxes well at the bottom of your bins.

Business Security

With many businesses left empty over the Christmas period, don’t forget to make sure your security systems are working properly. You can ask for a professional to carry out a maintenance check, identifying if you have any faults or glitches in the system, as well as areas of your business you could be leaving vulnerable for break-ins. Ensure your alarms are set, and security cameras are on, locking all windows and doors to leave your business as secure as possible. While many are keen to rush out the door on Christmas Eve, tick all security measures off the list before you go.

Want to upgrade your business or home security?

Here at Angel Security, we want you to enjoy this time of year knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep your property secure. We work in locations across Surrey and London, including Ashford, Ewell and Tadworth, finding tailored security solutions for your property. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation and quotation.