We recently discussed how much we were looking forward to this year’s National Home Security Month (NHSM), offering a great chance to see what’s new and provide our customers with even more expert advice about how they can protect their properties. This year, with themed weeks on alarms, security standards, Winter security and the future, there was plenty to get our teeth into.

Here are some of the highlights.

National Home Security Month - Expert advice & solutions | Angel Security

Week 1: Raise the Alarm

The effectiveness of home alarms as a deterrent is still high with NHSM reporting that 81% of burglars admit they either stop or move onto another property if there’s an alarm present. Smart alarms are becoming a must-have for homeowners. This means installing systems that can be controlled via a mobile app from any remote location, as well as receiving notifications thanks to motion trigger integration.

Week 2: Setting the Standard

Week two looked at security standards and weak spots in the home, emphasising that you can reduce your insurance premiums by 5% by ensuring all security measures comply with required British standards. They also touched upon protecting valuables in the home, with the most common items burglars take being cash, jewellery and electrical devices. It’s easier for police to return stolen items if you mark them with your postcode and house number.

Week 3: Lights, Camera, Action

To protect your property this Winter, NHSM looked at outdoor security help and advice. This includes ensuring CCTV has LED night vision, automatic timer switches on lights and locking garden items away. They also emphasise the need to take greater care when securing the perimeter around your home – using weatherproof padlocks, making sure fences are in good condition and trimming hedges to enhance visibility.

Week 4: Future Focused

Week 4 focused on the future, looking at the rise in automated homes and the latest security gadgets. Smart doors locks have come a long way, changing the way homeowners enter their properties. Many are choosing fobs, smartphones, key-cards, key-tags and PIN codes as viable alternatives to the traditional key, while keeping track of who is entering and leaving their home. CCTV systems with remote viewing are on the rise, as well as smart plugs you can switch off remotely and of course, wireless smart home alarm systems.

Week 5: Dark Knights Descend

We already know that domestic damage spikes by up to 160% during Bonfire Night and Halloween, often due to opportunistic thieves who take advantage of costumes, noise and distractions. It’s important to remain vigilant as the nights draw in. One of the key pieces of advice is not to share your celebration plans on social media until after the event to avoid advertising the fact you’re not at home.

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