As we approach the 6th annual National Home Security Month (NHSM), it’s a great opportunity to see what’s new in security, as well as some the hot topics on the menu this year. Home security is often overlooked by property owners, so it’s important to take a look at emerging trends and new technology which can help us protect our homes, possessions and our loved ones from harm.

National Home Security Month 2018 - Our guide to this year's campaignThe NHSM 2018 Campaign

Every year, the NHSM campaign spreads across five weeks with each week focusing on a different area to highlight issues and what we should be doing to protect our properties.

This year, the NHSM schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Raise the Alarm (1st October)

The first week kicks off with a focus on home alarms and looking at both traditional and smart home options. They’ll be exploring how alarms protect properties, acting as a visual deterrent while actively providing protection for your home.

Week 2: Setting the Standard (8th October)

Week two will be diving into the latest security standards, focusing specifically on window and doors locks, as well as how to secure valuables within your property.

Week 3: Lights, Camera, Action (15th October)

The mid-point of NHSM will look at how to prepare your home for Winter, including securing your outdoor areas. There will be lots of handy information available on CCTV, lighting and outdoor security measures.

Week 4: Future Focused (22nd October)

Smart security was always going to be a hot topic in NHSM, and this year they’ll be exploring how smart door locks are transforming the way we enter our home.

Week 5: Dark Knights Descend (29th October)

Bonfire Night and Halloween are two of the worst times of the year for burglaries according to statistics, so NHSM 2018 will be coming to a close with advice and top tips to make sure you’re extra vigilant during this time.

Which Topics Have Got Us Excited?

It’s great for us to see what’s new in NHSM, so we’re looking forward to finding out more about smart home security and how technology can make it as easy as possible for our customers to protect their properties. A particular point of interest is how people are choosing to enter their homes with smart technology continually evolving. The team here at Angel Security always strive to take this into account when offering the very best products and services. With smartphones controlling everything from how we shop to the way we pay for goods, it’s important that home security is compatible too. We always get a lot of calls as the nights draw in with burglaries increasing during this time of year. Therefore, we’ll be looking out for any new statistics and advice to pass onto our customers, including identifying security weak spots in your home.

Want to know more about how to protect your property? Follow NHSM 2018 and check out our blog for the latest home security tips. We also offer a free consultation and quotation if you live in London and Surrey areas such as Sanderstead and Tolworth. Contact us now for more information.