When we think about home security, the first thing which often springs to mind is the safety of our family and possessions, taking steps to prevent attempted break-ins. However, if you have any items around the outside of your home which could be valuable, it’s vital you don’t leave them vulnerable to theft. This includes anything in your garden and areas within it such as your shed or garage, as well as any access points between outside spaces and the inside of your home.

So, what can you do to protect your Surrey garden and items you keep outside?

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Summer home security is a huge topic at the moment after the recent heatwave, with homeowners everywhere being less cautious about securing areas of the home. It’s important to remember how opportunistic thieves will take any chance they can get, from hopping through an open window in an unoccupied room to coming through your unlocked back gate. Items of value in your garden include ornaments, statues, plants, water features and anything you usually lock in your shed or garage such as your car, lawnmower, strimmer, tables, chairs, gardening tools and bikes. If you were to calculate the total value of everything stored outside, it would probably shock a lot of homeowners. One of the best ways to protect items in your garden is by installing CCTV cameras which can act as a deterrent for thieves as well as providing evidence should you suffer a break-in.

Surrey Police Advice

Surrey police have issued official advice to help reduce the incidences of shed, garage and garden crime. They recommend using a secure padlock and quality fixings to secure each area, locking windows in your shed or summer house while using anti-tamper screws for door hinges. Within these areas, they advise fitting an alarm system, securing items of value (machinery) to the walls of your shed or garage, as well as locking any tools away which aren’t in use. To help identify stolen goods should the worst happen, police now recommend the use of a forensic coding product to mark your valuable tools and equipment with your postcode and house name or number. This is recognised as a fantastic way to reduce theft with impressive results seen nationwide. You can even display a warning sign to any potential burglars that your items have been ‘property marked’.

Get You Outside Areas Assessed

Here at Angel Security, we help homeowners across Surrey and London with their home security needs. If you think you may need further protection for areas such as your garden and access points in your home, our knowledgeable team are happy to help. We provide free, no-obligation initial consultations, identifying areas of your home and garden which may be vulnerable to burglary. We’ll also offer advice about possible solutions, including CCTV and alarm systems. Should you wish to proceed, just let us know, and we’ll schedule your installation. So, whether you live in Surbiton, Sutton, Worcester Park or any other location, book your consultation today.