The security of schools in the UK is in the spotlight as we become more aware of dangers to our children, moving away from the past where people could wander in and out of the premises as they pleased. Both students and teachers have a right to feel safe, so schools mustn’t ignore how the changing climate means risk assessing your property is more important than ever. It’s not about making schools feel like a prison but ensuring that all the smaller steps you take will come together to protect students, staff and visitors as much as possible.

Ensure your property, students & staff are protected. Get expert advice for school security, including controlling & monitoring gates, CCTV rules, safety in car parks & securing assets. Involve professionals from the start.Safety of Children

When students enter school premises, schools have a duty of care to ensure they look after their safety as much as possible, so having the right security features in place is essential. It’s important to involve a professional company who not only understands how to best protect your property and the people within it, but the laws and restrictions when it comes to measures such as CCTV. Many schools are currently upping their security due to events in the news, including keeping extra tabs on their students, so it’s essential to make sure you’re following the right guidelines, especially when filming others.

Control Over the Gates

Implementing the right entry system is one of the first things to look at if giving your school security an overhaul. The risks to children once at school can be reduced if the gates are monitored. Having the right security measures in place to see who’s coming in and out of school grounds is vital for protecting the welfare of the children. Intercom systems are becoming more popular to vet any visitors during school hours when the gates may be shut, as well as CCTV to help reception staff see who they’re talking to.

Protecting Staff

We all know the pressures teachers are under, often working late, whether running after-school classes or lesson planning for the next day. One of the most secluded parts of any public sector building is the car park, so implementing anything from outside lighting to CCTV cameras will make them feel a little safer, help them to protect themselves and stop people from hiding in the darkness.

Securing Assets

When schools are shut overnight, it doesn’t mean they don’t need protecting. Criminals know the buildings aren’t occupied at night, so there’s potential for thieves and vandals to take advantage of this. There may not be a lot of money onsite, but there will be things such as computers and sound equipment which will have value, for example. Security measures such as alarms and lighting are great preventative measures, but a high quality CCTV system will ensure you can collect evidence should any damage or burglaries occur.


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