Security lighting can be used by both homes and businesses, offering greater visibility around a property and illuminating darkened areas. But do security lights actually deter potential intruders?

Read our top tips for deterring burglars at your residential or commercial property. Includes looking at safety vs security, professional assessments & using motion sensors. Combine with measures such as alarm systems & CCTVSafety vs Security

If the primary reason for using lights on the outside of your home or business is security, it’s essential they’re placed in optimum positions to get the best results. Many lights are focused on safety aspects such as providing more visibility on steps, pathways, car parks and gardens, helping to prevent accidents. They can help you find your way about more easily while having peace of mind there’s nobody lurking nearby. However, the areas which needing security lighting to deter intruders should be assessed before installation.

This means setting the right perimeters around the building, deciding which parts of the premises need illuminating and setting the right brightness so that it doesn’t impair the visibility in the area. What you don’t need is for burglars to use the lighting to their advantage.

Therefore, professional consultation and installation is a must.

Daylight Robbery

Security lighting won’t deter those who decide to break in during the day, so protect your property against opportunistic thieves, using appropriate security measures when not at home or your business is closed. One of the best ways to use security lighting is by installing motion sensors which only trigger the lights when movement or body heat is detected. This can startle intruders who could be moving towards your property and may help you become aware of their presence if you’re at home. It also saves costs and fixes any issues with lighting your property all night long. For example, large floodlit areas around a house can add a glare for both homeowners and their neighbours. Equally, if a business is being monitored by experienced thieves, 24-hour lighting could help them to find a way around the measures rather than catching them off-guard.

Combining with Other Security Measures

While security lighting is great as an additional security feature, it works best if combined with other products such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems. In fact, National Home Security Month stated that the majority of burglars move on if a property has alarms installed. Any cameras should include the use of infrared sensors to allow cameras to pick up footage taking place in the dark. Don’t forget to install timed light switches on the inside of your home too as these can act as a great deterrent if you’re away on holiday, for example.

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