Improve home security in SurreyKeeping your home secure is a constant balancing act. You need to make sure your family is safe without restricting their freedom or convenience. At Angel Security, we have decades of combined experience in both business and domestic security systems, and we can offer specific recommendations during a property survey or a routine maintenance visit.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of home security systems that we’d recommend for domestic properties. We’ll look at each in turn.

1. An intruder alarm

Your burglar alarm is a key deterrent in the fight against crime. Not all alarms are equal and an ageing alarm could be a detriment rather than a benefit.

Ideally, your alarm should function as both detector and deterrent, meaning that it should be visible from the outside and it should also work efficiently in a break-in.

A bell or siren alarm can be effective, but for better coverage, consider upgrading to a monitored alarm that will automatically contact keyholders and the police.


Closed circuit TV has been used for many years to prevent crime and track suspects. Now that IP technology is more affordable, CCTV is appearing more frequently in domestic properties.

To take advantage of CCTV, you need a broadband Internet connection. You can opt for wired or wireless cameras, with the wireless versions making use of your home WiFi connection.

Again, cameras should be a deterrent, so don’t worry about them being visible. They should also be tested regularly to make sure the motion detection features are working. That way, you will have a better chance of tracking the intruder from a recording.

3. An intercom

If you prevent an intruder from getting close to your property, they’ll have fewer opportunities to get inside. An intercom is ideal for restricting access over the boundary, ensuring you always know who’s coming and going. This helps to secure your property, and it can also prevent theft from the garden, particularly if you have perimeter railings or tall fences.

Audio intercoms offer the flexibility of a two-way conversation, and a remote unlock for your gate. If your budget allows you to upgrade to video, you’ll be able to see the caller and potentially check their ID from afar.

We can install wired and wireless intercom systems, and each type has different requirements and benefits. As technology becomes more affordable, intercoms are fast becoming a beneficial part of home security defences.

The missing component

There’s actually a fourth component in home security, which bridges all of the solutions above. It’s simple: you also need the expertise of a competent engineer who can maintain your equipment.

Technology usually works flawlessly once installed by a professional, but you still need maintenance visits. These regular tests and checks ensure that your equipment hasn’t deteriorated, and is still protecting your home effectively.

Whatever combination of security products you choose, ask about our maintenance service. If you’re wondering what it involves, check out our dedicated article: How Often Should My Security System Be Checked?