Check your security systems regularly

Check your security systems regularly

Once you have security equipment installed, it’s mostly a ‘set and forget’ experience. You shouldn’t need to attend to the system, or trouble yourself with frequent repairs. But all electrical equipment could conceivably fail, and security systems are critical to your family’s safety.

At Angel Security, we strongly believe that our service doesn’t end when we’ve installed your alarm. We develop ongoing relationships with our customers, and revisit their commercial or domestic premises to check that the equipment is working.

So how often do you need this kind of check?

Burglar Alarms

All intruder and burglar alarms need to be regularly serviced and tested. An alarm that is not functional may not protect you properly, and if ineffective, could cause problems with any insurance claims. It’s surprisingly common for PIRs to fail, which can leave entire zones unprotected. People with pets sometimes deliberately leave zones unarmed when pet-friendly sensors could avoid that risk.

Angel Security offers a maintenance package that keeps alarms in tip top condition. We help you by spreading the cost, ensuring we attend to test your alarm at regular intervals through the year. We also carry out fault fixes, visual inspections and offer telephone support, day or night. And if you do need a new part, our flexible package will assist with the cost.

Remember: the maintenance package includes emergency call-outs. It’s like having a personal alarm consultant on-hand if the worse should happen. Read more about the service in our blog.


CCTV systems can lose signal, or can be accidentally be knocked and broken. It isn’t unusual to see cameras pointing the wrong way after the window cleaner has been, and it’s wise to check the infra-red LED lights are working from time to time.

Angel Security can visit to check your camera placement, functionality and positioning. If any of the cameras have failed, we can advise you on repairs or upgrades. With many pan-and-tilt IP cameras costing less than £100, it’s not expensive to keep your system up to date and functioning correctly. Don’t neglect maintenance: keep your family’s security as top priority.


Technology is moving along all the time, and new ‘smart’ products are fast becoming the gold standard in home security. When your alarm is out of date, Angel Security can advise you on incremental upgrades, or quote you for a replacement burglar alarm or CCTV system.

More Information

From key safety to technology, Angel Security can advise on every aspect of security maintenance. With our regular visits, you can leave the checks and testing in our hands, for a completely trouble-free ownership experience.

We hope that you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid burglary or theft, and there’s a very good chance that your alarm may not have been triggered in the last 12 months. If it’s been a year since your alarm was installed, or you don’t remember when it was serviced, it’s wise to schedule an appointment and make sure it’s still working properly.