Being able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away is a reassuring thought. When we go away on holiday or for business, it is important that we are able to get on with our day, without being worried about things at home. In the past, we might have told friends or neighbours that we were going away, giving us peace of mind that, if they spotted someone in the house, they would know that this is suspicious and call the police. Nowadays, there is technology available that enables us to check in on our home from wherever we are. One of the latest developments in this field is the capability of Amazon Alexa to integrate with compatible smart-home cameras. But, is this a good idea? Here, we discuss the implications.

Using Amazon Alexa with CCTV. Is it a good idea?How does Amazon Alexa work with CCTV cameras?

Amazon has created a functionality on Amazon Alexa that means you can connect it to a compatible smart-home camera and view the live footage on Amazon Fire tablets and TV devices. It is relatively easy to set up the solution. All you need to do is connect the camera to the internet, and then use the Alexa app to connect the camera to Alexa. It is a process that would take a matter of minutes. You can then use the voice-activated feature to instantly view and hide the live stream from your preferred camera within your property.

The benefits of viewing CCTV footage via Amazon Alexa

There are clear benefits of using Amazon Alexa to view live CCTV footage from your home. It puts your mind at ease that all is well with your property; and, conversely, it enables you to take immediate action if you see something suspicious – protecting your home and assets, and giving the police the evidence they need to catch criminals and would-be intruders.

The need for more secure smart-home solutions

We have written before about the considerations that are needed when using smart-home technology as part of your security system. The same goes for devices like Amazon Alexa. If you are not sure about the reliability of installing smart security solutions within your home, it is always advisable to talk to security experts like us, who are constantly updating our skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing security needs of homes in the age of smart technology. We can help you determine whether your home is set up in such a way that your smart-home device can work securely, and make any necessary changes if it’s not.

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