How secure are smart homes?The rise of the smart home in recent years means that it is now fairly normal to ask a small, mechanical hub on the kitchen counter where the nearest Chinese takeaway is. We can now set our home’s heating while we’re still at the office, watch live CCTV of our property from our phones, and lock our car doors with our tablets. But a recent article by Information Age has asked whether the wealth of smart home devices available nowadays actually poses a risk in terms of security. Here, we discuss some of the main concerns that the writers raise.

The Internet of Things (IoTs)

Information Age suggests that our fascination with the IoTs (think wifi-enabled toasters) has gone too far and actually created vulnerabilities within the home. More often than not, the devices that are used within the home are not protected by the cybersecurity measures that would usually be applied to our computers or phones. Some security devices will be (e.g. fire alarms and doors with PIN entry systems), but, if they operate on the same wifi network as devices that are not protected, then hackers should, in theory, be able to manipulate the system. As such, it is important to talk with security experts to ensure that your smart home is as protected as possible at all times – and not at risk because of an unassuming toaster!

No more DIY security

As our homes become part of the cyber world, so too will they be at risk from cyber-criminals. This makes it more important than ever for homeowners not to set up their smart security systems on a DIY basis. Smart locks and smart alarms must be installed professionally if their security benefits are going to be seen, as only then can homeowners rest assured that their wifi-based systems will not be vulnerable to attack or hacking.

Now, this doesn’t all mean that smart home devices are not incredibly useful and convenient for homeowners – only that they require expertise and consideration upon installation.

While there are some smart devices that would have significant benefits for most homeowners (e.g. smart CCTV and alarm systems), it may be that, for now, these are most beneficial when combined with traditional systems (like doors that you lock with a key!). This way, you could create a highly secure home that really works for you.

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