How home security has changed over the yearsThe types of security systems we’re able to implement within our homes nowadays would have seemed positively futuristic 50 years ago. Indeed, even now, there’s something incredible about being able to tap into your live CCTV footage from your smartphone! In the past 10 years or so, home security has come on leaps and bounds – prompted mainly by the exponential rise of the internet and, more recently, smart-home technology. In fact, the evolution of home security throughout the 20th century as a whole is fascinating, with consumer demand playing a huge part in the rapid development of new security technology.

Burglar alarms

The idea of sounding an alarm to warn of an intruder is nothing new. In fact, dogs have been kept as makeshift burglar alarms for centuries! But, the first electrical burglar alarm was invented in 1852 by Edwin Holmes. It had a tripwire that, when triggered, activated an electrical current that caused a gong to be struck. The design continued to evolve: in the 1970s, motion sensors were incorporated, meaning the alarm would sound if a burglar triggered the sensors; in the 1980s, infrared technology was introduced to reduce the likelihood of false alarms. Nowadays, with smart-home technology, we can even sound our burglar alarm from our smartphone if we notice anything suspicious on the live CCTV.


In its earliest form, CCTV was purely a live security monitoring system – it did not allow for the recording of footage. The first CCTV system was designed by German engineer Walter Bruch in 1942, in order to monitor V-2 rockets. The technology didn’t enter the commercial market until 1949. In the 1970s, video cassette recorders (VCRs) were incorporated into CCTV technology, meaning footage could be recorded and did not have to be monitored live. In the 1990s, multiplexing technology meant that footage from a number of video cameras could be recorded onto a single tape, making the solution more efficient for commercial users. Across the past 20 years or so, VCRs have been replaced with digital video recorders (DVRs), making it easier to view and store CCTV footage.

We installed more CCTV systems in Worcester Park in 2016 than ever before!

In recent years, CCTV solutions have become increasingly smart – they can now incorporate motion sensors or infrared technology, and can be remotely monitored or accessed from our smartphones!

So, while home security systems have improved significantly in the past few years (no doubt due to the rise of the internet and smart-home technology), it is clear that burglar alarms and CCTV systems have evolved over a number of decades – drawing on new technology and developments in consumer demand.
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