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Is all-in-one security right for your home or business

The home-security industry is rapidly developing in line with consumers’ demands for affordable, easy-to-use and convenient systems. As the smart-home concept continues to flourish, many manufacturers are coming up with products that enable homeowners to have control over their properties’ security at all times – whether they’re in the house, out at work or on a family holiday halfway around the world. The all-in-one security system is just such an item, and is steadily growing in popularity among home- and business-owners.

What is an all-in-one security system?

As the name suggests, the system operates from a single device, but enables you to do everything from checking your CCTV and sounding an alarm to monitoring air quality and ensuring the temperature in your home is at a normal level. The most well-known option is probably Canary, which uses an app and a device called the Canary Flex to give you round-the-clock access to all aspects of your home’s security. The system has a night-vision camera, weather-proof casing and wireless set-up so that it can go wherever you need it.

Here are a couple of the benefits of all-in-one security systems:

You only have to keep track of one device

Smart technology is all about convenience, and reducing the number of apps, gadgets and devices homeowners have to think about. Being able to look at your smartphone and instantly connect with your CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and air monitors makes it really easy to keep an eye on your home while you’re away – and means you never have to worry that you’ve forgotten to check on something. Do you live in Sutton and need CCTV then get in touch.

You can instantly alert the police in an emergency

Most security systems are fairly advanced when it comes to contacting the local authorities in an emergency – in fact, many are automatically programmed to trigger an alert when the CCTV or burglar alarm is activated. While this is a great security benefit, it can also result in false alarms, and this can make you hugely unpopular with your neighbours (let alone waking your entire household)!

With all-in-one systems, though, you are given greater control over the situation. If the device in your house identifies suspicious movement, it will send a notification to your phone. You can then access the live CCTV footage and, if necessary, tap a button to alert the police. You can also sound the alarm from the app, so as to alert your neighbours. The police and your neighbours will know that it is a real emergency, and you’ll have all the footage available to help them catch the culprit.

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