All home owners like to think they’ve covered their bases when it comes to home security. We all invest in locks, bolts, motion-sensor lighting, and a few timers to turn lights on and off round the house. The tragedy is that a burglar just needs one weak link in the chain to render your efforts totally ineffective, and a fake burglar alarm is a perfect example.

Clearly, burglars know what to look for. They recognise alarm brands, especially around Sutton in Surrey. They know which little flashing lights are real and which are hooked up to a 9 volt battery. The sad thing is, your ‘cheap’ deterrent could end up costing you a fortune in the end.

Nobody’s Fooled

A burglar who has spent many years breaking into homes will know what to look for in a burglar alarm box on a wall. Locally, the same firms install many alarms on one estate, so unusual names (or blank boxes) are a real giveaway sign. Tiny little red lights that dim and flicker are also a sign that the alarm is not hooked up to the mains, and if there’s no emergency number, that’s the final nail in the coffin.

Whilst systems are becoming more sophisticated, burglars are just as likely to keep up with technological developments as the companies tasked with installing the alarms.

They won’t be phased by a more modern looking box, as they will have seen dozens like it in the previous weeks and months. They probably know the bloke that sells theAlways fit a working burglar alarmm!

Buy a fake alarm and you’re leaving yourself wide open to trauma, stress and emotional and monetary cost. Is it worth it for the sake of a few quid?

The best way to keep your home burglar-proof

The solution is to have a good quality alarm system installed by a professional firm. Invite Angel Security to assess your needs and come up with a custom quote that you can afford – and a system that offers genuine protection.

Alarms work by either being a detector, a deterrent or both. Choose an alarm which will set off an audible bell or siren, or one which has a silent alarm. With the latter, the burglar may think that they have evaded detection, but in reality, a call centre – and, often, the police – have been made aware of the intrusion and are already taking steps to investigate.

Our experts will also look at the shape of the rooms, and analyse things you may not have thought about – such as your pets’ movements – to come up with the perfect system.

Our advice for buying a burglar alarm

It’s natural to want to save money, but dummy boxes are not the answer, and it’s not worth risking your home on an ineffective piece of plastic. There needs to be a full analysis of the best kind of system for both your home and the lifestyle of you and your family.

Talk to Angel Security today to get a quote for your security systems in Claygate. We will take you through the options, design a system you’re happy with, install and test it out and be on the end of the phone if you need help later. Even the flashiest empty box can’t offer that kind of peace of mind.

Image credit: Elliot Brown via Flickr