Whether you own a property or rent, installing robust security systems can keep your home or business safe, protect your valuables and act as a deterrent for illegal activities such as vandalism and theft.

But what are the differences between home security and office security? Let’s find out.

Business vs Homeowner Needs

Not only are the security weak spots sometimes different between a home and an office but the needs of a business property can be far more complex. For example, more CCTV cameras may be required in and around an office, including carparks and storage areas, as well as alarms installed on each floor with cameras at entry and exit points. Businesses usually have a wider area in need of surveillance, although homeowners are free to install security systems on as large a scale as they like and can afford. If you’re a business, you may also be bound by security requirements detailed by your investors, data protection laws or insurance companies, as well as wanting to avoid any security breaches you may have encountered in the past.

Access Points

Security at access doors can be different for homes and offices as a business will often have a larger team coming and going from their premises. Commercial properties may adopt the use of automatic ID cards at entry points for example, compared with keys for a home. Intercoms are also installed according to individual needs with homeowners using to establish who’s at the door, compared with businesses who may also use such systems to achieve smooth communication between staff as part of their processes, as well preventing unauthorised access.

Out of Hours Support

While many homeowners only activate their security systems when they’re not at home by turning on their alarm system with a code, for example, businesses often have many parts of their security active throughout the day. In addition, they may also require out of hours support which monitors premises for businesses while closed. Domestic customers can also opt for this service with alerts sent to both homeowners and a central monitoring station who can contact the police in the case of any suspicious activity or unauthorised entry.

Find the Right Security Solutions

In reality, the differences between home and office security systems are few and far between, often being based on individual needs with plenty of similarities between the two types of system. Whether you’re a home or business, here at Angel Security, we’ll work closely with you the identify security weak points in and around your property, perform an assessment of your needs and find bespoke solutions to protect your home or office appropriately. While there may be differences in what home and business owners require, whether it’s alarms, intercoms, CCTV cameras or maintenance contracts, there’s no compromise on quality.


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