Should you have indoor security cameras?

Should you have indoor security cameras?

Previously on this blog we’ve discussed the huge benefits that come along with installing outdoor security cameras on your property. CCTV is without doubt one of the single biggest deterrents for burglars – nobody wants to get caught red handed, after all.

It’s very easy to see why an investment in outdoor cameras is an investment in you and your family’s security and safety. Anything that prevents crime has to be a good thing, after all.

However, what about indoor security cameras? What benefits might they offer, especially if you’ve already had the outdoor versions installed? Here’s our handy guide to indoor cameras, to help you decide if they’re for you.

Peace of mind

If you’re leaving the house, particularly for an extended period of time, you want to know that its contents are going to be kept safe. With indoor security cameras, you can check up on the live stream at any time you like, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday or fully concentrate while on a work trip.


Much like with outdoor CCTV, if the worst does happen then the footage provided by your indoor security cameras could prove to be invaluable. Police will ask to use the video taken as part of their investigation, hopefully helping to bring about justice in a timely manner and ensure that others in your neighbourhood are better protected.


Yes, you read that right – pets. Although it might seem like an unconventional reason to invest in indoor security cameras, if you’ve got pets then there are definitely benefits to camera installation. If you’re popping out of the house for a few hours, for example, you can check in on what they’re up to – it’s another ‘peace of mind’ solution that you might not have considered.


Perhaps most importantly, indoor cameras are just as much of a deterrent as outdoor ones. If you live in an area that you know has had a recent spate of break-ins or if there are valuable items in your home that you want to protect, then indoor security cameras can be used in conjunction with outdoor ones to offer you robust protection against thieves.

Whether you live in Sutton, Tadworth, Chessington or the surrounding areas, the Angel Security team can help you decide which security camera options will work best for you and your home. To find out more about what we offer, get in touch to talk to the professionals.