Why you should never take shortcuts with your home securityAccording to a survey by Laptops Direct, some homeowners could be putting their home’s security at risk by not doing standard security tasks like locking their windows or hiding valuables away after using them. The survey of 2,001 people found that 42% of people don’t always set their burglar alarms, while 31% don’t close their blinds or curtains when it gets dark. Nearly half (48%) admitted they leave valuables in view of passersby, and, when the home is unattended, 24% leave their windows open, and 16% leave the back door unlocked. The survey suggests that people believe they are saving up to 32 minutes per day by taking these security shortcuts. Even if this were true, the reality is that taking shortcuts with your home security puts your property and family at significant risk. Here are some easy ways to make your home more secure – but, for these to be effective, you need to do the basics!

Install a security light

If a burglar can see that they will be lit up if they get too close to your property, this might deter them from attempting a break-in. Anything that could draw attention to burglars is a good idea – for example, laying gravel around your property may stop would-be criminals from approaching your home for fear of crunching the gravel and making too much noise.

Trim overgrown hedges

Tall hedges offer ideal hiding places for intruders, so an easy way to make your home more secure is to trim back any bushes or hedges. This will reduce the number of blind spots around your home and deter would-be criminals as there is nowhere for them to hide.

Get a burglar alarm

Having a burglar alarm is an enormously effective way to secure your home. Simply program the night setting to your requirements, and then all you have to do is switch on the alarm before you go to bed, and sleep soundly knowing that your home is protected.

Set up a CCTV system

If you’re looking for a no-fuss security option, CCTV systems are ideal. Once they are set up, very little input is required from you. Unless someone tries to break into your home and you need to access the CCTV footage to give to the police, the system will essentially look after itself – especially if you invest in remote monitoring and ongoing maintenance services.

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