Connect with your home security via your smart phone

Connect with your home security via your smart phone

Advanced mobile devices have been with us for a few years now in the form of smartphones and tablets. Now, the next generation of mobile devices are on the market in the form of wearable tech: watches, glasses, rings and other equipment.

All this mobile technology is making home security a more difficult proposition for burglars and others who make their nefarious living by breaking into peoples’ homes. If you have a sufficiently modern smartphone or tablet that you keep with you most of the time, then it’s extremely easy to tie your mobile device in with your home security system. That way, you can keep an eye on what’s happening at home, even when you’re around the other side of the world.

Dedicated IP cameras

An IP camera is different to a web cam in that it does not need to be attached to your computer. These cameras cost between £40 and £100, depending upon how much control of the camera your require, as the more expensive ones can be swivelled and controlled remotely.

All you really need are two or three to cover your main entrances and exits.

These cameras connect directly to your broadband router. Your router will have an IP address which can be used to identify it on the internet wherever you may be. Your router’s IP address is not fixed, and can change. When we set up an IP camera for you, we will register you with a dynamic DNS service so you’ll always be able to connect to your router via the internet.

Each camera on your network will have its own sub-address. To view the output from the camera, all you need to do is load the sub-address into any browser on your phone or tablet. Once you’ve made the connection, you’ll be able to see what your camera is currently seeing. Depending on the model you chose, you may you’ll be able to control it as well.

Mobile-ready security systems

Many security and home control systems these days come mobile-ready. This means that they constantly collect data from all the connected devices in your home – data that is then encrypted and sent via your router out into the World Wide Web.

You can then download an app on your mobile or tablet that will connect to this stream and tell you everything that is happening at home.

We will set alerts to inform you if someone rings your doorbell, if your burglar, smoke or fire alarm goes off, or if any other sensors you’ve set up have been triggered.

You can even control your home from your phone – switching on the heating, turning lights on and off, even unlocking the door if your children have arrived home without their key and need to get in.

Getting smart

Smart devices are completely adaptable and provide a very useful extra layer of protection to your home security system. Surely it is only a matter of time before burglars give up and go home for good.

To explore this new world of smartphone security, speak to Angel Security about your options.