Check your fire alarms regularly

Check your fire alarms regularly

Your business fire alarm should serve as a key line of defence in an emergency, along with your intruder alarm system. However, can you honestly say that your fire alarm is in good condition? When was the last time you had a fire drill; are you certain that your alarm will protect you?

When it comes to fire, it’s never worth cutting corners. Fortunately, Angel Security offers fire alarm maintenance, servicing, repairs and complete new systems, so you don’t need to worry about alarm failure.

What Can Go Wrong?

A fire alarm system is made up for a series of sensors that are set up in key areas of your property. If they detect smoke, they will automatically sound an alarm. These systems also have breakable panels that can be smashed to sound an alarm if a fire is located.

Fortunately, many fire alarms are never needed; fires never break out in the first place. But that means that they can become neglected over time, as people tend to assume they will always work.

It’s common for sensors to become caked in dust, and they can malfunction if they become too humid. In some cases, building managers disconnect sensors rather than getting them inspected properly. Additionally, modern alarms add new and useful features that can make the alarm more reliable and functional.

Legal Requirements

In a commercial premises, there are strict requirements around the use of fire alarms and their maintenance. If you don’t comply with the law, you may be subject to a fine. Continued non-compliance may result in a prison sentence.

The simple fact is that you must have a fire alarm. The law covers very complicated requirements, like the placement of sensors and emergency lights, the frequency of servicing, and ensuring adequate fire alarm cover for the total number of occupants.

You also need to ensure that your staff are trained to use the alarm, if the law requires it. Additionally, all business fire alarms must be tested to ensure that sensors and lights are in full working order, and you must check your escape routes on a regular basis.

Stay Safe

If your fire alarm is not regularly serviced, and a fire does occur, your insurance company may refuse to pay out.

Our maintenance service includes a complete assessment of your existing fire alarm system, so that we can compare it to current legislation and ensure it’s giving you adequate protection. We can also test all of your sensors and sirens, and offer replacement and repair for damaged equipment.

Once your system is up to spec, we recommend that you set up a regular appointment to have your alarm serviced. This ensures your alarm is always fully functional, and it also means that you get a discount on our call-out fees.

For more information about fire alarm installation in Surrey, get in touch with Angel Security today. We can help to bring your alarm up to modern standards, keeping your occupants safe, and ensuring you are fully compliant with the law.