The world of home security systems is always being shaken up by new technology and new ideas for solutions. This is particularly the case now that smart technology and cloud-based solutions are so affordable and widely available for the average homeowner. One of the latest home security technology ideas being discussed is facial recognition – just like the kind that is used for unlocking some smartphones. Here, we discuss what this technology might look like and what benefits it could offer to homeowners now and in the future.

Home security guides: facial recognition technology | Angel Security

What’s facial recognition all about?

The idea of facial recognition for home security systems is being worked on by a team of engineers that was involved in the technology behind self-driving cars and Google Street View. They have released a home security CCTV camera that uses a 3D sensor to enable it to detect and recognise the faces of family members, friends and even pets, just like Apple’s iPhone X can. This means that, if someone that the camera does not recognise tries to get into the house, the technology can alert the homeowner via their smartphone, and they can then take appropriate action to keep themselves, their family and their property safe. This particular technology lets homeowners set the camera to only record while they are out of the house, so as to reduce any concerns regarding privacy.

Avoiding false alarms

The technology certainly has the potential to avoid false alarms like the ones caused by dogs or cats. False alarms can be irritating for both the homeowner and their neighbours, and can also diminish the effectiveness of the alarm, as there’s a risk that, in the case of a real emergency, people might just assume it’s a false alarm. Saying this, it is possible to install CCTV camera and burglar alarm systems that make allowances for small animals like foxes, cats and dogs, so facial recognition is not necessarily the only solution with this benefit.

Implementing CCTV technology

While facial recognition has the potential to bring further home security benefits, a standard CCTV camera is just as effective at keeping intruders away from your property (and catching them if they do manage to commit a crime). When implemented alongside a burglar alarm, they can offer a highly effective and easy-to-maintain security solution for your property.

If you’re not quite ready for facial recognition for your home’s security, then a great starting point is a CCTV camera. Here at Angel Security, we have a wide range of CCTV cameras and security solutions to fit your needs. If you live in Reigate, Cheam, Chelsea or another area of London or Surrey, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.