When you’re just starting out as a company or have new premises, there can be so much to think about and organise. This includes protecting your business property with the right security to keep your assets safe.

Is your new business secure? Take a look at the best options available & how to get tailored solutions for your needs. Includes alarms, CCTV & intercom systems for offices, outdoor areas, warehouses & retail outlets.

Who’s at Risk?

In recently published official statistics into crime against businesses, it showed three of the most predominant offences experienced by businesses are theft, vandalism and assault. While these figures are concerning, they won’t come as a surprise to many. With so many valuable assets kept on the premises, including IT equipment and stock, as well as the fact office areas can be pretty empty at night, it’s no wonder they become easy targets for criminals such as burglars. For a new business, implementing robust security systems is something to seriously consider. Is it worth putting your investment at risk? You should also check any insurance policy requirements you have as they may define your responsibilities for keeping your premises secure, including regular maintenance of your security systems.

New Business Security Options

Whether you’re based in a retail outlet, an office or a warehouse, finding tailored business security solutions is vital to cover all access points at risk of unauthorised entry. Modern security systems are often quick and easy to install with the introduction of popular wireless intruder alarms, as well as CCTV (including infra-red cameras) which keeps a watchful eye over your business while acting as a deterrent. Outdoor CCTV cameras can also be used in areas such as carparks, outbuildings and loading bays. Another option you may like to consider is intercom systems which are one of the easiest ways to control who comes in and out of your building, especially if linked to security cameras. This is a great option if you’re protecting vulnerable people or sensitive data, or you don’t have a reception desk service.

What Security Systems Do You Need?

The easiest way to implement a setup ideal for your needs is to use a professional security company. Unlike when using DIY options, experts will perform a thorough audit of your premises to identify weak spots, designing a system which is specifically aimed at your requirements. They’ll also provide a consultation in which you can discuss your security concerns as a new business and any requirements from insurance providers or investors. Their years of knowledge and expertise is really valuable to new companies who may not have experience of security systems before. There will also be options for 24/7 maintenance callouts should you experience issues with your alarm.

How to Get a Free Initial Consultation

If you’re a new business and you would like some impartial advice about the right security solutions for your specific needs, get in touch with the team at Angel Security. We provide a free, no-obligation business security consultation, talking through your potential requirements and assessing your property so that we can advise appropriately. We cover London, Surrey and further afield including Balham, Westerham and Thames Ditton. Contact us now to have a chat about possible security options for you.