Do you need an intercom for your home or office?

Do you need an intercom for your home or office?

The intercom has long been an integral element of home and business security, and advances in technology mean that the system is becoming smarter and more convenient than ever before. An intercom is a communication system that allows somebody within the building to identify a person outside of a building, and subsequently grant them access by unlocking the door. It can be implemented alongside other security features, such as burglar alarms and CCTV systems, to prevent unwanted or unidentified visitors from gaining access to your home, office or commercial building.

Being able to talk to callers outside of the house is a huge relief to many homeowners, particularly those who are cautious about opening the door to strangers. It is an effective way of identifying exactly who someone is before letting them in. For businesses, intercoms have many benefits. As well as keeping your property and equipment safe from vandalism and theft, intercoms help to protect staff and visitors against intruders. Intercoms can even be used to conveniently communicate with other members of staff within the building.  Our intercoms also work with our fitted burglar alarms and many alarms fitted for Purley businesses are enjoying our added security.

They can be wired or wireless

Intercoms can be set up in two ways: wired or wireless. The two-way wired intercom has been used in homes and business properties for many years. The homeowner or staff member talks through an installed handset to the visitor, who then replies to identify themselves. The handset is set up next to a door-release button, which can then be pressed to grant the visitor access to the property. The wireless intercom works in the same way (as long as you’re within range), except the handset is not fixed to the wall. The benefit of this is that it’s easier to install and, if you decide to move property, you can take it with you.

You can choose from audio or video communication

While the typical audio intercom is the most common type of door-entry system, video options are becoming increasingly popular – allowing you to visually identify visitors before letting them in. The option you choose is largely dependent on your individual needs, and the level of security you think your property requires. Some property owners feel that video intercoms are more reliable and reassuring than voice-based systems, simply because they enable you to see the visitor, rather than being entirely dependent on their voice.

They should be serviced regularly

As with all security solutions, intercoms need to be checked and tested regularly to ensure that they are in the best possible condition to keep your property safe. It is also not uncommon for home or business insurers to require you to conduct maintenance on your security systems, as this enables them to see that your property is fully protected.

Here at Angel Security, we’re experts in helping you choose and maintain suitable intercom systems for your home, business or commercial building. Contact us today to find out more.