Protect your home from intruders

Protect your home from intruders

Each year thousands of families all across the UK have their homes broken into. Most people think that burglars only strike while homes are vacant, but this is not always the case.

Home security systems are becoming increasingly complex. They can feature all kinds of technology, from motion detectors, to home monitoring options, and response systems that automatically contact the emergency services when an alarm is tripped. Burglars are having to take extremely bold steps in order to gain access to people’s homes without being seen.

The stealth burglar

Burglars know that most homes are occupied at night, but most people sleep upstairs. They also know that most burglar alarms are only turned on when buildings are vacant. It follows that at night, nearly all burglar and intruder alarms are switched off, through complacency or convenience.

For the burglar, night time is an ideal opportunity to break into a home and take valuables from it. As long as the burglar or burglars do not make enough noise to disturb the sleeping occupants, they can efficiently remove valuables and escape, leaving a mess for the householders to clean up in the morning.

Even if the burglars do make a noise, the people upstairs are usually too soundly asleep to be disturbed by it. If someone is awake, they may consider the noise they hear to be the natural sounds made by a house at night, such as heating coming on or pipes making noises as they cool.

Not just a break in

Dedicated thieves usually work in teams. They will often combine a burglary with the theft of a vehicle, since it offers the perfect getaway opportunity. Once they have broken into your car (which is easy if you leave your keys in view), one member of the team will wait in the drivers seat. Other members will fill the car with goods and they are ready to make their getaway. It is a very sad but true occurance unfortunately.

Unfortunate circumstances

Most burglars, if disturbed, will flee. After all, they have the cover of darkness, and it’s very difficult to identify someone if you only see their face for a few seconds, particularly if you were half asleep at the time.

If the burglar has not heard your arrival, and you are blocking their exit, they may take more desperate measures in order to escape, and you and members of your family may come to harm, they will do anything to evade capture and you could become just another obstacle to avoid. If you do encounter a burglar, it is always best to let them escape, as hardly any burglars come with intention of physically harming anyone.

Fit a night-time alarm

Virtually all burglar alarms these days can be set to patrol certain zones of your home. It is perfectly possible to create a ‘night time’ setting so that rooms not typically occupied at night are protected by your security system. If you have pets that move about downstairs at night, you can make special provisions for them as well.

If you do not want to fall prey to nocturnal thieves, contact Angel Security. Invest in a burglar alarm that will protect your home while you are sleeping. According to the British Insurance Association, having a burglar alarm makes it six to seven time less likely that your home will be burgled. That’s one statistic that should be enough to give anyone with a burglar alarm a solid night’s sleep.