The Angel Security Alarm - perfect for your home

The Angel Security Alarm – perfect for your home

Whether you’ve got an alarm already, or you’re thinking of buying for the first time, you’ve got a huge range of options to choose from. From budget buys to state of the art systems, Angel Security offers a burglar alarm for every home and budget.

It’s important not to turn up in your local DIY store and buy a system off-the-shelf. While DIY looks cheap, you need professional help to ensure your system is properly fitted. Here are some basics to think about.

Alarm Types

Burglar alarms come in three basic types:

There’s the traditional alarm with a keypad, which is normally situated near the front door. If the sensors detect an intruder, the bell sounds to deter the burglar and attract the attention of your neighbours (or you, if you’re in at the time). These alarms can have pet-friendly sensors that will not go off if your cats and dogs move around at night.

The second type of alarm is a remote monitoring system. These alarms may have an audible bell, or they may be silent. In the event of an intruder attempting a break-in, a control centre is alerted. Often, these alarms automatically notify the police.

The last type of alarm is most commonly seen in commercial premises, and is the most sophisticated in the range. Commercial alarms allow you to select certain parts of the property and zone them off, so you can selectively run the alarm in some areas and not others. This is ideal if you want to protect a stockroom during office hours, for example, or allow staff to come and go through a particular door while the main doors are alarmed.

The Agility 3 Home Security System

The Agility 3 Home Security System


When costing up your alarm, we’ll factor in the price of monitoring, if your alarm is hooked up to a control centre. We’ll also tell you how much it will cost to keep your alarm in good working order. For most customers, that means having the alarm checked on a regular basis, and ensuring any broken parts are replaced.

For business customers, we conduct a full check of every component in the system, making sure that every sensor, bell and wire is working as it should be. If anything’s faulty or in need of an upgrade, we’ll cost it up and replace it with no fuss.

Expert Advice

Burglar alarms can be confusing, and there’s no solution that’s ideal for every single customer we meet. We like to meet people and talk through the possibilities before we arrange to fit their alarm.

If your alarm has failed, or it’s not working as it should, ask us to quote for a repair, reset or upgrade. And if you need a new alarm, let us survey the property to make sure you have the right number of sensors in all the right places.

Got a question? Talk to Angel Security. We won’t tie you in to a contract that’s longer than 12 months, and we’re here to offer helpful advice before and after your purchase on your new burglar alarm.