From alerting you to attempted break-ins to monitoring your property while you’re away, home alarms play a pivotal role in protecting your home and family. However, when considering installing an alarm system, some homeowners are worried they’re a hassle to both fit and use. Luckily, this is far from the truth with technological advancements allowing them to become quicker to install and simpler to use than ever.

Here are a few of the common misconceptions we hear about alarm systems.

Are Alarms More Hassle than They’re Worth?“Alarm systems have to be wired into your home”

While wired alarms remain popular, many are being replaced by battery-powered wireless systems which are less time consuming to install. Ensuring your home décor isn’t disrupted, there’s no need to create entry points to electrical wiring when they’re fitted, making it easier to transfer your home security system if you move. Wireless systems provide a number of benefits, including notifications to check the batteries, wide security coverage, tamper-proofing, more smart home options (including compatibility and integration with CCTV and automated door lock systems) and remote troubleshooting support should you encounter any technical issues. It’s also simple to upgrade your package if you want to, ensuring wireless systems are one of the most flexible on the market.

“They’re disruptive if triggered”

We’ve all heard how loud alarms can be when they’re triggered, alerting not only the affected home or business owner but others in the area too while hopefully startling any would-be intruder. However, false alarms can be unnerving, not to mention irritating for both the homeowner, neighbours and even the police if called out unnecessarily. Luckily, there are simple ways to prevent them, including the use of pet-immune sensors and ensuring your batteries get checked on a regular basis. Moreover, another solution lies in the installation of silent alarms which notify you (e.g., via a smartphone message) should any of the alarms trigger or inform a central monitoring station instead.

“Homeowners have no control over the system”

Homeowners’ control over their home security systems has only increased since the introduction of smart home technology which is one of the reasons why wireless alarms have risen in popularity. Their versatility means that you can now monitor your home security more closely than ever, whether at home or off-site, keeping an eye on anything from checking which alarms have been turned off to a history of alarm activity. Never again will you panic about whether you’ve forgotten to set the alarm, controlling everything from an app on your phone.

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