Dealing with wireless security systems in SurreyIs there anything more frustrating than when you’re trying to make a call online or are in the middle of sending a crucial email and your internet either starts running much more slowly than normal or completely drops out? In the best of circumstances, it can result in lost time and often it’s only the old ‘turn it off and on again’ trick that seems to fix the problem.

We know it’s an irritation when you’re trying to stream a TV show to no avail because of your connection – but is dodgy internet going cause you significant problems if your home security system is wireless?

What happens to essential features?

In a nutshell – it depends. If you don’t need to remotely view the footage on your security cameras, for example, then you won’t necessarily need an internet connection at all as the video doesn’t need to be sent over the network.

Equally, it’s possible to get a whole wireless CCTV system that comes with a WiFi Network Video Recorder. A system like this doesn’t need the internet – instead, the cameras connect to each other through their own network. You can apply this same scenario to your alarm system, too – the alarm will still sound if a trigger point is crossed and your internet is down because the sensors are part of their own independent network.

‘Just in case’ technology

If you are going to be using the internet as part of your security system, then you can rest safe in the knowledge that you can use other networks alongside it as ‘backups’ in case there is an outage. By having a cellular network available, if the internet goes out then notifications of a security breach can still be received – meaning that you can feel protected, even if there’s a problem with the WiFi.

There are some security systems that will carry on recording what is happening when the internet is down; however, you won’t receive a notification of any breaches until the internet is back up and running – with these, it can be helpful to have that ‘backup’ network available just in case. As well as cellular networks, there are also systems that utilise radio frequencies to maintain communication when there’s a problem with connectivity.

Solutions to suit you

Wireless security systems offer you flexibility – if you move house, for example, you can easily take a wireless system with you and many homeowners find them less intrusive than wired systems. Thanks to the options available and backup features that many offer, they’re also dependable – even when your internet is being temperamental.

At Angel Security, we’re able to advise you on the options available for you and your home security system. Whether you live in Woking, Redhill or a surrounding area, get in touch to talk to the experts.