Protect your premises from intruders

Protect your premises from intruders

Getting up to answer the door can be tiresome in the workplace, particularly if you have to act as gatekeeper for the entire building. For security, peace of mind and convenience, we recommend that every office has a door entry system in place.

There is a range of entry systems on the market, from simple intercoms to advanced videophones with remote key fobs. How do you decide which one to buy?

Protecting Your Assets

The door entry system should form part of your overall office security system. It needs to be convenient enough for staff to be able to use, yet secure enough to prevent unauthorised entry.

At Angel Security, we recommend that you have an intercom so that you can communicate with the person at the door. Voice intercoms work well for small businesses, and larger businesses may benefit from a video screen so they can see the visitor as well as hearing them.

The size of your building also has an impact on the system you need. If you have one office entry point, a simple two-way system is enough. However, if you have a larger business, you may need a more complex intercom that can cover multiple entry points.

The Risk of Poor Security

A door intercom isn’t just about convenience. It’s also about keeping people safe. Your employees deserve to feel comfortable in the workplace, without the worry of unknown people coming and going. The system will also ensure that unauthorised people don’t wander into your premises and potentially steal items while they are unaccompanied.

If you choose not to have an intercom, can you honestly say you’ll know who’s coming and going? The risk to your staff, your stock and your office equipment could be considerable, and you may turn up to work one morning to find your business has been burgled.

Protecting Your Investment

Once you have an alarm or intercom installed, you need to make sure it’s fully functional. There’s no point spending money on an intercom system if you can’t get it working, or if the people in the office discover that it isn’t working.

With Angel Security, you can invest in regular maintenance appointments that will ensure your intercom is always working. Additionally, we can service your alarm, fire or smoke detection system and provide reliable emergency response.

Regular alarm servicing is usually required to keep your insurance policy valid. If you already have a contract set up for alarm servicing, we can incorporate your intercom for a small fee.

Your Security Partner

Angel Security offers businesses 24/7 security cover, as well as expert consultancy on security and safety at work. We don’t just install equipment; we take an ongoing and active role, helping you to keep everything functioning and performing upgrades when it’s time to implement new features. We’ll install systems that are affordable, yet that will grow along with your business.

For more information, or a custom quote, get in touch with Angel Security in Surrey. We cover the majority of the south east of England, focusing on the South London area.