How does CCTV help protect your family

How does CCTV help protect your family

UK homeowners are quickly realising that CCTV can protect their belongings. By installing a closed circuit system, they can keep an eye on their prized possessions, and ensure their home’s contents are safe. And with advancements in technology, a modern IP-based system can be installed for a few hundred pounds, making it a worthwhile way to watch over the things you’ve worked hard to buy.

But what about the security of your family If you’re considering having CCTV installed by Angel Security, you might wonder what the specific benefits are for your loved ones. CCTV isn’t just about recording moving pictures; it can do a lot more besides, and it offers a great deal of protection for not much money.

Intruder Alerting

The most common reason for CCTV installation is the detection and prevention of burglaries. All too often, homeowners take a risk in not having a camera system, so they have no evidence of burglary, and no way to find out who came into their home. With CCTV, you can get a good shot of their face and provide this vital evidence to the police to aid prosecution. This can be a comfort if your family is shaken up after the event.

Often, the presence of a CCTV camera will prevent a theft from occurring in the first place. This is the main reason that CCTV has been so widely adopted by businesses, councils and homeowners. If the intruder goes ahead anyway, the camera can trigger an instant alert, straight to your smart phone or tablet, so you can take action to prevent them.

Vehicle and Garden Monitoring

CCTV is often used inside the home, but you can also position CCTV cameras outside. Special waterproof units can be mounted on the front and rear of your property to keep watch over your driveway and garden. This means you can leave garden furniture outdoors in summer, or keep an eye on the kids while you’re indoors. Constant monitoring means don’t need to worry about people jumping over the fence, or trying to steal any items your children have left out.

If you don’t want to mount cameras outside, you can place indoor CCTV cameras next to windows. However, infra-red lights reflect off glass and render the cameras useless, so this will only work providing the infra-red night-lights are switched off. It’s best to consult Angel Security for advice on the hardware you need and the placement of it, since not every CCTV camera has this function.

Preventing Pet Theft

Sadly, dog theft is on the rise, with organised gangs responsible for many of the thefts. In 2013, an estimated 3,500 animal thefts occurred in the UK, and the figure was an increase of 17 per cent on the previous year. If you have a dog, it’s at risk, even if it’s not a pedigree breed.

CCTV can be a useful weapon against dognapping, since you can keep an eye on your pooch when he or she is outside. If a gang knows you have a camera, they are less likely to approach the house or park vehicles nearby, just in case they’re caught in the act.

Consult an Expert

CCTV systems are not a failsafe solution, and they need to be installed professionally. If you don’t cover a particular area, an intruder could still gain access, and your system would be a complete waste of money. To keep your family safe, consult Angel Security about a cost effective CCTV system for your home. In terms of safety and security, it could be the best investment you ever make.