5 reasons to fit a CCTV system

5 reasons to fit a CCTV system

These days, there are many reasons why we recommend CCTV systems. They aren’t only for business premises; more and more homeowners are realising the value of a smaller system to keep their home safe. And affordable pricing means CCTV is within most homeowners’ budgets, as well as any start-up or small business.

If you run a company and don’t currently have CCTV installed, or you’re wondering why your family could benefit from a camera being placed above the front door, here are 5 top uses for CCTV cameras, according to our team.

1. Protecting occupants

Whether it’s the receptionist greeting visitors to the building or staff dealing with the public behind a counter, CCTV is the perfect tool to protect staff from unwanted attention, attempted theft, or visitors who have a grievance. CCTV can also be used to provide evidence in the unfortunate event of a theft.

The cameras can also act as an excellent deterrent for those who see them. Having a camera over your door could convince a burglar to move on.

2. Monitoring cold callers

A knock on the door can mean a friend or neighbour calling round, or it can mean an unwanted cold caller trying to sell you something you don’t need. Installing CCTV means you can check who’s there before you answer.

3. Preventing vandalism

Many CCTV systems are installed to prevent theft, but they can also be used to monitor an area continuously, or trigger an alert when motion is detected. If you suffer from vandalism, such as graffiti or broken windows, CCTV could record the incidents to pass the evidence on.

You can choose a covert system to catch the culprits in action, or use a more visible system to prevent the vandalism occurring.

4. Deterring burglars

A CCTV camera on the front of your home will make any would-be thief think twice about attempting to break in. It’s a sure sign they will be seen and identified, and they will probably move on.

Take advice from the professionals as to the best places for installation; the experts will know the areas of your property where a burglar may try to gain entry and suggest these as where to place the cameras.

5. Spotting anti-social behaviour

If you have a problem with anti-social neighbours, you need a clear record of what’s gone on to be able to bring action against them. CCTV is irrefutable footage that can prove your word against theirs. This can help with court appearances, insurance costs or simply to show the police what you’re having to deal with.

Security experts can help with your CCTV needs

Buying a CCTV system isn’t just about buying equipment. It’s about background knowledge and expertise; knowing where to place cameras. We have considerable experience that will help you implement a quality CCTV system. Ask us for a site survey and a quote today – modern security costs less than you think, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless.