Adopt good security techniques to protect your business in Surrey

Adopt good security techniques to protect your business in Surrey

To a burglar, a commercial building is a treasure trove of valuable equipment. Burglars target offices because they know there are laptops and mobile phones to be had; these items are easy to carry and sell. Industrial buildings are equally attractive, because they contain tools and ladders that can be used to carry out further burglaries elsewhere.

If you run a business, you have a responsibility to your customers to keep your building secure. Whether you’ve been burgled before, or you’ve been lucky so far, it’s time to shore up your security.

Physical security at work

The humble lock is one of the best physical deterrents on offer. Regardless of any other technology you choose to implement, you must have good quality locks, and you need to restrict access to keys.

All doors need deadbolt locks, and all padlocks need to have the shortest possible shank so they are difficult to open by force. Where possible, make sure doors can only be opened using a key, because that will limit the burglar’s escape route.

If an employee leaves the firm and doesn’t return keys, get all the locks changed. It’s inconvenient, but people are often careless with keys since they may forget where they got them in the first place.

Intruder alarms

Traditionally, intruder alarms serve two key functions. They deter, and they alert neighbours to a problem. However, alarm bells are less of a deterrent than they used to be, so consider fitting a silent alarm that sends notifications to a control centre.

It sounds counter-productive at first, but a silent alarm can actually give you a better chance of stopping a burglary. The intruder has no idea the alarm has gone off, but it buys the police extra time to attend and catch them in the act.

We still recommend alarms with audible sirens for some situations, particularly if your budget won’t stretch to a monitoring service.

Fewer places to hide

Burglars really hate well-lit places, as it means they’re more likely to be spotted as they work. Well-placed floodlights can go a long way to making your premises less appealing to an intruder. Lights have come down in price considerably, and you can purchase LED floodlights that offer superb washes of bright, white light with very little spend required on electricity.

We also recommend that you cover windows that could be easily smashed in dark areas, such as single-pane windows at the back of Portacabins. You may want to purchase special metal grates that can be opened from the inside if there’s a fire. Consider placing sensor lights around obvious entry points, and mounting cameras that will record if they detect movement.

Get a survey done

Angel Security is here to help you secure your business assets. If you have an office or industrial building that is poorly secured, let us come out and assess your needs. We don’t push you to buy anything, and we won’t sell you more than you need, but we’ll check your existing equipment help you ensure your building is secured against burglars.