Protect your home from intruders

Protect your home from intruders

Intruder alarms (or burglar alarms) are fast becoming an essential security feature in any property, commercial or domestic. Police reports suggest that there’s an upward trend in burglary figures in Surrey, with intruders increasingly targeting property rather than cars.

At Angel Security, we recommend all property owners invest in an intruder alarm to protect business or personal items.

Commercial Intruder Alarms

As businesses become more high tech, the value of office equipment is rising. Additionally, we’re using more and more mobile devices at work, and these devices are unfortunately very easy to steal. An alarm is a must, and modern alarm systems can be installed quickly and zoned so that certain areas can be monitored day and night.

An intruder alarm could also validate your insurance and lead to lower premiums, therefore delivering a good ROI over time. The key is to invest in a good quality alarm together with a servicing contract.

Angel Security offers all businesses a free consultation. If you’re interested in having an alarm installed, we audit any existing equipment and make a note of weak points so you can build on what you already have.

Domestic Intruder Alarms Surrey

Children and parents love the convenience of smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, laptops and other gadgets. Sadly, they’re also easy pickings for an intruder. There’s even been a rise in the theft of family pets, a heartless crime that can devastate families.

While security in the home is getting better, burglars are very good at taking advantage of the little mistakes we all make, such as leaving windows open in summer or leaving the back door ajar by mistake.

Intruder alarms will detect the existence of a burglar before anyone notices they’re there. Angel Security can install complete systems that monitor garages, sheds and entry points. Modern alarms are wireless, so there are no unsightly reminders of the alarm’s existence, and they’re easy to reinstall if you move house.

And simply having an alarm fitted and visible can deter an intruder from attempting to enter your home in the first place. In the fight against crime, that’s a huge advantage.

Alarm Monitoring Surrey

Domestic and commercial alarms can be bundled with an alarm monitoring service, where your alarm is connected to a control centre.

Often, burglar alarms are unfortunately ignored or drowned out; with monitoring services, you can be confident that action will be taken, even if you are not personally around to take care of the situation.

If a burglary is attempted, the staff in the control centre can react and call the emergency services, even if there is no audible alarm. The main advantage of monitoring is that it’s proactive, so it can stop an intruder in their tracks and prevent the situation from escalating. The monitoring team remotely reacts and can send a representative to deal with law enforcement agencies in your absence.

We also provide a more basic form of monitoring where your alarm system sends a text or email alert if it detects unusual activity.

For more information, and a no-obligation chat, contact the intruder alarm experts at Angel Security today.