We’re all used to seeing CCTV cameras monitoring supermarkets, malls and even busy streets. More and more homeowners are opting to have CCTV systems installed in their properties, and advancements in technology and mobile devices have made this a realistic and affordable prospect.

Having CCTV installed could give you peace of mind when you go on holiday, and when you’re at home, it’ll make the whole family feel safe and reassured. What’s more, a professionally installed alarm could also bring the cost of your home insurance down significantly, and CCTV systems make great companions to intruder alarms.

How Home CCTV Works

complete-security-systems-in-surreyCCTV systems in domestic properties aren’t that different to the ones installed in shops. However, unlike commercial systems, they aren’t designed to be continually monitored. You can opt for a remote monitoring service if you’d like that level of protection, but the more affordable option is a system that detects movement and starts recording when the camera is triggered. Most modern cameras have infra red sensors that can record just as clearly in the dark as they do in the daytime.

The advantage of monitoring is that it helps you to prevent crime before it happens, although there’s a cost involved in that level of service. You may have the option of the police being alerted automatically, even if you’re not around, and the equipment is less likely to be damaged by an intruder.

If you opt for passive CCTV, you’ll have proof if a crime occurs, but you may not be able to react in time to do anything about it. In some cases, you might opt for a system that emails you a picture if the CCTV camera detects movement, although your plan of action may be fairly limited if you’re away on holiday at the time.

Both types of system are valuable; the main consideration is cost versus convenience. Angel Security will help you to figure out which one’s right for your family. In some cases, just having a camera mounted above your door can be a deterrent in itself.

Reviewing Your CCTV Recordings

Recordings are stored in one of two ways. Older systems save to tape and are viewed on a TV, but modern CCTV systems record electronically and store footage on your home computer. Cameras are relatively inexpensive and can normally capture sharp digital pictures with time and date stamps automatically recorded.

If you opt for remote monitoring with Angel Security, you don’t need to spend time running through footage or reviewing snapshots taken by the cameras. The remote monitoring team handles everything in real time, and recording are stored in case there is an incident that needs to be checked or reported to the police.

Having CCTV Installed With Angel Security

Speak to Angel Security about having CCTV installed in your home. A member of our team will assess your needs, your property and your budget to help you select the perfect home CCTV system.