Protect your home from intruders

Protect your home from intruders

If a burglar gets into your home, you may lose more than just your TV or laptop. Some stolen personal items might be completely irreplaceable, not matter how much they are insured for.

Falling victim to a burglary is more than an inconvenient loss of personal belongings. It can leave you feeling violated and insecure; it may even make you want to move house. Thankfully there are some steps you can take to dissuade any potential burglar from entering your home.

Why Burglaries Happen

You might be surprised to find out that many burglaries are actually opportunist crimes. A window or door left open, regardless of whether you are in your home or not, is an opportunity for a quick entry and getaway, even if the burglar just manages to grab a phone or a new pair of trainers.

Other burglaries might have a little more planning behind them and the culprits will target particular homes. There are steps you can take to dissuade both the opportunist and a burglar with a plan.

There are several things all burglars will look for:

  1. Places to hide around the outside of your home. These are ideal for burglars and ensure nobody will pass by and spot them attempting to break in. Hiding places may include bushes close to a vulnerable window and dark, recessed walls. Many people will place a gate to block a path down the side of a house, but if this gate is solid and stops you from being able to see behind it, it makes a great spot for a burglar to hide and take their time breaking in.
  2. Open windows and doors. A burglar will always look for open or vulnerable access points to a home. You can counteract this by making sure you lock any doors and windows whilst you are out or in bed. If you want to leave a window open, make sure it can’t open wider than a human head and lock it in that position. You can install window restrictors to prevent them from opening too far.
  3. Darkness. A poorly lit home is a beacon to all burglars. Installing security lights, outdoor garden lights and porch lights will help to stop burglars from even considering your home as a potential target. If you are out for the evening, you can leave a living room light on and switch on the TV. If you are away on holiday, use a timer or ask a friendly neighbour to switch your lights on for you.

Don’t Advertise Your Home

Burglars are constantly looking out for homes that are worth burgling, so don’t give them reason to choose yours.

Be careful what you do with packaging when you buy new TVs, jewelry and other goods. If a burglar can see an empty box for a laptop or tablet PC, they will know there is something of value to steal inside the house.

Try not to leave valuables in view of a window, especially if the window is close to the road. A laptop or tablet left on a coffee table is an invite to a burglar to get in and out quickly.

The Best Deterrent

The best thing to deter burglars is a good alarm system for your Surrey home. Homes without an alarm are far more likely to be burgled than homes with them. If you are interested in having an alarm fitted, please take a look at the Angel Security website, or give us a call to talk through your options.