Having an intruder alarm or fire alarm installed is a necessary expense in business, and good alarms are also a major factor in achieving peace of mind at home. But along with the installation cost, you must plan ahead and factor in the cost of maintenance and servicing for your alarm. It’s pretty much worthless without it.

Nobody likes to spend money fixing things that aren’t broken, but that’s not what alarm maintenance is about. In having your alarm regularly checked, you’ll ensure that you are still protected against fire or theft months or years after your alarm was installed. After all, alarm failure can sometimes be silent, and without maintenance, you might not realise until it’s too late.

So how can your spend on alarm servicing actually save you money? Here are a few reasons you’ll see a return on investment.

Picking Up Faults Early

The most straightforward reason to have your alarm maintained is so that you know about faults before they cause a bigger problem. Angel Security is an accredited security company experienced in spotting problems with alarms. We visually inspect your alarm, run tests on sensors and detectors and suggest economical repairs before the problem is allowed to get worse and cost more to fix.

Introducing Cost-Effective Upgrades

When there’s a fault or a broken component in your alarm set up, it’s sometimes more sensible to replace with an upgraded part, rather than trying to patch up an ageing system with out of date hardware. If we think we can save you money with a more modern component or an upgrade to your alarm hardware, we’ll suggest it early on before you waste money replacing parts that are out of date or likely to fail again.

Saving Money on Insurance

A good quality alarm system is vital when it comes to arranging affordable insurance. Both fire and intruder alarms need to be regularly serviced, maintained and tested in order to meet the terms of your insurance policy and ensure you’re protected in the event of a claim. In most cases, insurers will want to see proof of alarm maintenance before they will pay out, so it really does make sense to have a maintenance contract in place.

Organising Alarm Maintenance in Surrey

At Angel Security, we believe that regular maintenance is the best way to protect your investment in a security or fire alarm. We’re so confident in our abilities, we don’t need to trick you into signing up for a ridiculous long term contract; none of our clients are ever presented with paperwork that lasts more than 12 months, and they are free to renew or leave at the end of that time. (We know you’ll be so pleased with our alarm maintenance service that you’ll want to sign up again.)

If you’ve spent money on an alarm, don’t let it decay or fail without your knowledge. Angel Security is your one stop shop for all of your alarm maintenance in Surrey and London and servicing tasks, and we’re available for 24/7 callouts if the worst does happen. Our clients in Surrey enjoy the peace of mind alarm servicing offers, and we look forward to adding you to our list of regular maintenance clients.