Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

A working, serviced fire alarm is likely to be mentioned in your employers liability insurance and your public liability policy. That means it’s crucial that your alarm is functioning correctly, or your insurance could be invalid. If you haven’t paid your business’ fire protection systems much attention, it’s worth investing some time now – before the worst happens.

The alternative is a poorly maintained alarm that doesn’t protect your business and fails to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. In the event of a fire, your business could face devastation, inconvenience and expense – and, in the worst-case scenario, injuries to people on site.

Angel Security is experienced in maintaining, testing, servicing and improving commercial fire alarms for businesses in and around Surrey.

What’s Involved in Alarm Maintenance?

When you arrange maintenance for your alarm system, an experienced technician will visit to carry out the work. This will be someone who installs and services fire alarms on a regular basis and is experienced in testing and fault detection.

Maintenance is quite a broad term, so it covers a range of activities that help keep your alarm fully functioning:

  • The most basic form of maintenance is a regular visual inspection of your entire fire alarm system, including the control panel and sensors.
  • Your alarm can also be tested to ensure all of the bells and sirens are working as they should.
  • Angel Security’s experienced maintenance staff can test and replace any detectors that may have become defective through damage or wear and tear.

If the technician spots a problem with your system, they’ll normally draw up a cost estimate for repairs.

Upgrades and Enhancements

When Angel Security maintenance specialist visits your premises to check your alarm, they might recommend improvements and upgrades. Having your system upgraded during maintenance is a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your premises are protected by the very best fire detection equipment.

Our staff never go ahead with improvements or upgrades without your express approval. If the time isn’t right, or you’d rather replace your system, we won’t pressure you to upgrade there and then.

Selection of fire alarm panels

Selection of fire alarm panels

Consider Switching to a Monitored Alarm

Fire alarm monitoring could bring down the cost of your insurance, so it’s worth considering.

Essentially, a monitored alarm is hooked up to a control centre where staff keep tabs on it 24/7. Should it be activated, your keyholder is alerted. And if the alarm is caused by a genuine fire, the emergency services are called within minutes, even if your keyholder isn’t available.

If your fire detection system needs to be replaced, consider a monitored solution. The cost of connecting your alarm is minimal compared to the peace of mind you’ll feel when you know your premises are being monitored. A quick response from the fire service could mean that extensive damage is avoided, and it could even save lives.

Arranging Fire Alarm Maintenance

Angel Security maintains commercial fire alarm systems all over Surrey; we serve Woking, Tadworth, Surbiton and Caterham. Our clients are diverse, from householders to large public sector organisations. No alarm system is too large or too small.

If you’d like to arrange a maintenance contract, or you’re interested in discussing fire alarm servicing, upgrades or monitoring, speak to our friendly team today. Call 0800 999 7177 and one of our experienced staff will be happy to talk you through our fire alarm maintenance options.