Robust Business Security Systems and a Service to Rely on
From retail premises to warehouses and offices, businesses rely on Angel Security Systems for all their security and fire alarm requirements.

Your specific requirements are all catered for by our personal service, focused on keeping your company, staff and assets protected at all times.

70-chain hair salon Rush has been a client of Angel’s for some time and we serve a whole host of commercial  clientele including landlords, property managers, housing associations, home run businesses and small to medium private sector companies.

Our insurance-compliant systems, designed to reduce risk, are backed by a comprehensive and reliable maintenance service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Business Security - Alarms

Business Security Alarms Dedicated to Protecting You, Your Staff & Your Assets
Whether you have a single unit or office, or more extensive premises, Angel will use their vast experience to design a security system which is specifically suited to your needs.

Our consultation will involve discussing your concerns and those of your staff, the details of any past security breaches you’ve encountered and any particular requirements your insurance provider or investors have set down.

We’ll run a thorough audit of your premises and any existing security measures, noting down any weaknesses. Then we’ll design an intruder system to suit; one that’s robust, that’s a true investment and that will protect your business premises when occupied or unoccupied.

Wireless alarm systems offer flexibility and can be installed swiftly. There are systems that can alert you to intruders when you’re away or the premises are closed and others that will alert the police of a possible security breach. We’ll advise you on what type of alarm will work best in your specific situation.

Angel Security Systems: for all your Business Intruder Alarm Requirements
We offer a free initial consultation to all businesses considering their security alarm requirements. Get in touch today to arrange yours.

Business Security - CCTV

CCTV: Your Business Security Guard
Security camera systems have multiple benefits for any business premises. They act as a deterrent for burglars and provide vital coverage of intrusions for police and insurance reports. They can also be used to monitor health and safety practices in the workplace.

CCTV cameras can be set up to monitor and record footage on the inside and outside of your premises. There are various options, and that’s why the experts at Angel are on hand to help you choose the best for your precise requirements.

Outdoor CCTV cameras can be set up to cover entry and exit points, car parks, storage and loading bays and outbuildings. Robust and weather proof, these cameras can either be set to monitor, or monitor and record onto a range of mediums, from hard drives to memory cards or DVDs. For dark areas we’ll install infra-red cameras.

Indoor CCTV cameras can be located anywhere within a premises. We’ve installed cameras in anything from one room to an extensive network throughout warehouses, reception areas and storage units and for many reasons including security and health and safety monitoring.

Angel Security: Business CCTV Installation Experts
CCTV has become a big part of our lives. It offers much-needed protection against many forms of crime, including theft, burglary and assault. Consult Angel Security Systems for all your business CCTV needs; we’ll help you decide on the system you need.

Business Security - Intercoms

Business Intercom Systems: Keeping Staff Safe
An intercom system can be beneficial for use in all kinds of businesses, from small home-run companies to larger organisations.

Your staff, stock and assets must be protected from uninvited visitors at all times. With an intercom, you can ensure those who are allowed entry to your premises are known to you or have a right to be there.
Intercoms range in style from one-way audio systems to video entry systems. Video intercoms are growing in popularity; installed cameras show you who is calling so that you can properly identify them before allowing entry.

Intercom systems can also be used within a business premises to allow smooth communication between staff right through different areas of the building. There are convenient and easy to install wireless options available and if they are suitable for the range required, we’ll recommend them for you.

Find out More About Door Entry Systems from Angel Security Systems
Intercoms are a real benefit when it comes to both safety and ease of communication. They’re an added feature which will work well with the rest of your business security measures. Whether an office, retail or industrial premises, we’ll choose and install the most appropriate intercom system for your needs. Contact us today.

Business Security - Maintenance

Trust Angel to Deliver 24-7 Business Security Maintenance you can rely on
Your business security systems must be regularly serviced and kept up to date to ensure they’re giving you the optimum protection, and here at Angel, that’s part of the service.

Many insurance providers will stipulate regular alarm maintenance is carried out by an appropriately accredited security company. Our service is thorough and involves a full check of your security or fire alarm system and all its components; testing of all detectors and any necessary fault repairs or upgrades.
In the rare event of a system breakdown, you can rely on Angel to deal with any emergency issues in a fast timeframe, with an immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Flexible Business Security Maintenance Packages
Because we understand businesses don’t like to be tied into long contracts and need flexibility, that’s exactly what we offer. We won’t tie you in to a contract for longer than 12 months. Technical support by telephone is available round the clock.

It makes sense to keep your security systems regularly maintained rather than face the need for emergency call outs. For reliable security system maintenance and total flexibility, talk to Angel Security Systems.

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