Angel Security fits a range of intruder alarms, from basic systems with sensors through to fully zoned, remote linked alarms for commercial properties. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and the alarm we suggest for you will depend on a range of factors – budget being one.

If you have the cash and want full peace of mind, a remotely monitored alarm is the best way to secure a property. These systems can be fitted with normal alarm bells, or without any bell or siren.

So why would you choose the silent option? Here are 5 good reasons.

1. No disturbance to neighbours

One of the downsides of the classic burglar alarm is the noise it makes when it goes off. Often, when the alarm sounds, it’s a mistake – and your neighbours may become increasingly annoyed if your alarm goes off by accident. A silent alarm is literally silent – the alert is relayed to a control centre.

2. Burglars are unaware

Audible alarms are a great deterrent, but they’re not suitable for all situations. Business customers might find that a noisy alarm simply notifies the burglar that security services are on their way. A silent alarm gives the burglar less notice, possibly improving the chances of catching them in the act.

This is a risk, of course, and it means the burglar might stick around longer than they would have otherwise. In a domestic situation, you might prefer them to leave straight away.

3. You have back-up 24/7

A control centre monitors silent alarms constantly. If an alarm is activated, the control centre initially assesses the problem and then alerts the key holder to the problem. That could be you, a colleague, a neighbour or a member of your security team. It takes some of the strain off you, since you don’t have to be the sole respondent if the alarm goes off.

4. It’s a great match for CCTV

A silent alarm system is the ideal companion to a closed circuit TV system. Whether you have an alarm already, or you need a new system, Angel Security can ensure the cameras are running before the alarm goes off. If you want to catch intruders in the act, it’s a perfect solution.

5. The police will respond

The police are often called to false alarms, so an audible alarm is no guarantee of a visit from your local constabulary. With a silent alarm, the control centre will always notify the police if the activation is genuine, so you are much more likely to get a thorough police response.

Combination Alarms

If you’re not sure whether a silent alarm will work for you, ask Angel Security about audible alarms that are linked to a control centre. Often, the alarm bell on these systems can be turned off, so you get the best of both worlds: remote monitoring and a fully customisable system.

Live or work in Surrey and have more questions about intruder alarms? Get in touch today. No matter whether you need a new alarm for your house, or an upgrade for a business premises, we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of our silent intruder alarm systems.